** Some of these photos are not super good. The flash was on for some of them, oops! Sorry!!!**

Over this past weekend, we attend little miss Bentlee’s second birthday party. Bentlee’s Mom, Lisa, graduated from Portland State with me. We have kept in contact ever since. I have been lucky enough to design Bentlee’s first birthday invitation, thank you cards, and now her second birthday invites. I also designed their Christmas card last year too!!!

Normally, I just chat with Lisa via email and facebook. So, it was nice to actually see Lisa! Lisa did an amazing job on Bentlee’s birthday party! Check out all the adorable things that Lisa put together. One of my favorite thing was the cute sucker centerpieces!!

These cupcakes were amazing. No wonder Bentlee was enjoying them There was both chocolate and coconut. Hey Lisa, can I have the recipe to the coconut ones? I have been dreaming about them! Post the link for me in the comments section, pretty please!

I also designed the bubble tin labels. Didn’t Lisa do a nice job putting them together? Here is the post I did on that a fews ago in case you missed it. I also designed the edible icing decals to match the decor. They again came from none other than Hello Frosting. Hey Erin, maybe I should get some endorsement compensation? 🙂 Just kidding!

I like this photo because you can see what the cookies look like if you don’t feel like embellishing the outer edge.

I was planning on making Bentlee a canvas for her room, but I ran out of time. I did the next best thing. I designed her a personalized print that matched her room decor. What do you think?

I picked up a pretty white matted frame at Target along with some cute sunglasses and a stainless steal sippy. I’m a freak about plastics. Bentlee put the glasses on right away! She’s adorable!

I had to include these two pics of my adorable little Emerson. Isn’t he cute?

Great job on the party Lisa. I am still enjoying the Bit-o-Honey candies!! We had a wonderful time at Bentlee’s Birthday Party! Thanks for including us!

Jessica (and the rest of the Wilcox clan)

Lincoln started working at Tripwire when I was 8 months pregnant with Jackson. We’ve been really lucky to meet so many wonderful people through his work. Not only did Lincoln get a wonderful job, but we also got fabulous friends too. John is Lincoln’s co-worker. He happens to live two blocks from my parents house. Did I also mention that his roommate is also dating my cousin? I know, it gets complicated! Most importantly, there’s Laura. She is John’s girlfriend fiance.

I got the pleasure of being a part of the elaborate plot to surprise Laura. John contacted me and had a whole plan. He told Laura that he was planning on taking her to Bend this coming weekend. She had already purchased her wedding ring. Wait, her Grandma, technically bought it when they were vacationing in Palm Desert. Hey, when a girl sees something she wants, you better buy it, right? So, the ring was no longer a surprise. They already selected their wedding date. No surprise there. She is a total planner just like me. You wouldn’t want anyone else to take it. Did I mention they are not getting married until next summer???

Laura picked out a beautiful venue for their wedding and reception. It has one of the largest green houses on the estate. It is fully landscaped and amazing! She also knew that John had already asked her Dad for her hand in marriage. How cute is that? But, again, not a surprise!

When it came to the engagement, Laura thought she had it all figured out. Well guess what Laura? We got you!!!! This is how it all went down. Laura thought we were all meeting at Portland City Grill tonight for Happy Hour. I had called her a few weeks ago (per John’s surprise plot) and told her that Tripwire was going public and that they were having an event at 7 pm. Laura has a pretty busy social schedule and John wanted to make sure the date was reserved!

We always do happy hour or dinner somewhere before Tripwire events, so I know Laura thought nothing of it. John even arranged to have our brother-in-law, Ryan, photograph the whole event. I am dying to know more details!!! As I am writing this, he is proposing to her. I hope she isn’t mad at me for lying to her. It was all in good fun! I’ll give you an update before I actually publish this blog on all the exciting details!

I had already ordered custom edible icing decals from Hello Frosting. I needed to give them a gift to congratulate them! I know John and Laura always appreciate my baked goods. I also stumbled upon edible diamonds. I thought they made a perfect addition. Here are the cookies I made for them! I took a ton of photos so just bear with me!

Laura is planning on doing green and yellow for their wedding colors. She also talked about decorating with green apples!

**Update** Laura was totally shocked. I can’t wait to see the photos that Ryan too! She walked into a private room at Portland City Grill. She saw Ryan in the background and realized something was going on. There was flower, rose petals, champagne and wine (why have just one when you can have both), and then there was John. He recited some sweet nothings to her about not wanting to live his life without her and then got down on his knee and proposed. I think she was still in a bit of shock when I went over to drop off the cookies.

Wanna see the ring? I know I did. Here it is in all its glory!

Here are John and Laura. John looks a little under dressed right? Well, he was all dressed up, but before we could take some pics in his nice digs he changed. I guess you’ve got to be quicker.

I love John’s face. He looks so proud! Here they are with their cookies!

Here are a few more photos in case you haven’t seen enough!

Congratulations John & Laura! We are all so happy for you! I’m so excited to be a part of your special day (Laura asked me to be in the wedding! Can you see me jumping for joy right now?). Enjoy each other and your engagement (and the ring too)! Hope you liked your cookies!

So, I just got a very exciting phone call from my sister Kellie! She just picked up her project. If you didn’t already check it out click here to see her final art project. She was seeking the very elusive, hard to find, but very in vogue A+. To my delight, Kellie just report she got. . . can I get a drum roll please. . . .

Congratulations Kellie!!! Her teacher made some very kind remarks and told her that we needed to go into the t-shirt business. My next business? Umm. . . not any time soon!

Way to go sista!!!!

From a proud older sister,


P.S. Sorry for bragging so much, but A+s of any kind deserve to be celebrated!

I’ve been a busy girl this week. Not only have I had three sick kids, but I’ve had a ton of projects. Kristin was a referral from my dear friend Julie. Can I just say that Kristin is absolutely adorable? She really is. Okay, that being said, that girl is making me work. She has enough projects to keep me busy for 24 hours a day. Keep the projects coming Krisin. Mama need some new shoes!

Kristin’s son Carson is having a birthday next month and they decided on a Pirate themed birthday party. Being a Mom of three boys, that was right up my alley! It’s really hard to do a birthday that hasn’t already been done when I have three boys to work with. So far, we haven’t done a pirate theme, but I see one coming in our future. Not this year, because I already have all the boys party themes planned!

I ended up designing invitations, thank you cards, and goodie bag labels. I just wanted to show you a quick teaser of the front of his invite.

What do you think? We had these printed on linen cardstock. I can’t wait to see them. . . .

Thanks Krisitn for all of your projects. I am really enjoying them and I’m going to miss emailing you 100 times a day! I’m sure your inbox will appreciate the break!

Good night all!