I’d just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You’ve all been amazing to me this year and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for me!! I feel truly blessed and I have everything that I could ever wish for. I will be taking some more time off, but if you need me at all, feel free to email me!

From my family to yours. . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I’ll be in touch next year!

Love to you all,


Today my little boy is SIX! I can’t even believe it. He didn’t even weight six pounds when we brought him home from the hospital on Christmas day. He was the best Christmas present ever! I don’t think anything could top his arrival!!!

Since this month is so busy and his birthday is SO CLOSE to Christmas, we celebrated his birthday last weekend. That’s right, if you are keeping track, we celebrated two of our three boys’ birthdays in just two weeks time. I’m a bit burnt out! Thankfully, I started the planning process months ago. But I must confess that the actual execution was a little delayed! Oh well, it all got done.

I went with a classic, primary color Lego theme. Skyler LOVES Legos. I must admit that I am not very fond of them though because I usually find them all over my house. I mean all over. In the couch, under the rug, on the floor, everywhere! If you’ve ever stepped on a Lego, you are probably not a fan either. Plus, we have a little one crawling around who puts everything, and I mean everything in his mouth. Try being on constant Lego patrol!

Regardless of my loathing for Legos, Skyler loves them. He will sit for hours and build them. It’s amazing to me. He follows the instructions and builds amazing cars, planes, and anything else with wheels. He also “free” builds and just comes up with his own items. I’m always amazed by his creativity! I found the PERFECT centerpiece for the dessert table. It’s both functional and the PERFECT decor for the theme. It is a Lego Storage Head. It sorts the Legos by size and store them. I’m already liking Legos a bit more now!

We had Skyler’s party at Sky High Sports, an indoor trampoline place. Did I mention, that is where I broke my arm? I obviously don’t think the place is unsafe or I wouldn’t have had Skyler’s party there. In fact, I didn’t even break my arm on the trampoline. It wasn’t until I was coming off the trampoline, tripped and landed on the platform, that I hurt myself. I was forbidden to jump at the party. My husband didn’t want to suffer through another 4+ weeks with a handicap wife. Who could blame him? I obliged!

The kids spent the first hour playing, the second hour was spent in the party room. I had planned on creating a PVC backdrop for Emerson’s party, but never got it. Thankfully, with the extra two weeks, I was able to finish it and use it at Skyler’s party. I always think my parties are missing a backdrop. For this party, I kept it simple, but I have a ton of ideas for the next parties I throw. If you’d like to build your own backdrop, here are the instructions I followed. It was super easy (because Lincoln was the one who physically built it! I’m sure you could handle it or talk your hubby into helping you out). It was really reasonable too. All the PVC piping was less than $15. I purchased a queen size sheet for the “fabric” portion on the backdrop.

I used my amazing table cloth that I purchased from TableVogue. I also used the same table cloth at Emerson’s party! It is so functional. I can hide all of my party stuff under the table and out of the way so no one can see how much of a mess I am. It’s machine washable too! Definitely a must buy! Did I mention if fits on the Costco utility/buffet tables?

We (again, when I say “we”, I mean Lincoln. He no longer trusts me with spray paint in the garage) spray painted bubble wrap green to resemble a Lego building board. I got the idea from the adorable Lego party that Katena threw. I saw her post on Stylish Children Parties. She had some great ideas that I borrowed.

I found these super cute Lego cake pops on Bakerella. It was a guest post from Amy of Living Locurto. My sister Jamie and my amazing friend Laura were nice enough to make these for me. I think they did an amazing job. What do you think?

We ended up making the marshmallow version. I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes and black licorice ropes for the mouth.

Skyler requested banana cupcakes and I made funfetti to please the rest of the group. Since I was still one arm down before the party, I had Charynn from TwoSugarBabies create Lego fondant cupcake toppers. I must say, I LOVE the taste of fondant. I know, I am weird, but I think it tastes amazing. I was super happy to eat these adorable Lego toppers. She did an amazing job on them! She was a pleasure to work with too.

I also purchased white popcorn boxes and just embellished them with a matching label. These were the perfect size and looked adorable on the table. I followed the recipe I saw on Rookie Cookie, but instead of the toffee bits, I substituted mini m & m’s. It was so quick and easy to make and was a real crowd pleaser.

Candy is my favorite food group. It’s a food group, right? What? Corn syrup and sugar are not a food group? Well, they are in my book. No dessert table is complete without a little candy. I bought the holiday peanut butter m & m’s and picked out the brown and orange ones since they didn’t match the party colors. They looked really fun and the kids loved them. I also made. Yes, that’s right, I made Lego Minifigures Gummies. I bought the candy mold at the Lego store. It’s silacone and super easy to use. I followed this gummie recipe and made Lego Gummies in Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. I was really happy with how they turned out.

To go along with the theme, I bought Lego candies that actually snap together, Lego Minifig crayons, and Lego Minifig soaps. I made sure to label all of them so that the kids didn’t eat the wrong items. I know the soap smelled amazing, but I doubt it tastes good. Didn’t want anyone to eat something by mistake. I also purchased several of the Fun Party Favor Lego Packs from Amazon. There are 8 in a box, 4 each of planes and cars. The kids really seemed to like these.

I’d love to know your thoughts! I know all the kids had a great time!!!

Happy Birthday Skyler! We love and adore you! Even though it’s hard for me to see you grow up, I love every step of it and I’m so happy to be your Mommy!

I’m taking some time off of party planning. No more parties for me until February! Yay! Jack is having a “rock star” birthday party! It’s completely fitting for Jackson!

**I’d like to give a special thank you to all of my friends and family who helped me with this party. I seriously feel like I have a “team” of people who help me get ready for each party. With three little kids I need all hands on deck. Lincoln, thank you for being an amazing husband and putting up with me through the month of December. I know it’s a crazy time. Thank you for all of your help! Laura, thank you for your constant inspiration, support, and endless help! I owe you, but I have a feeling that I will be repaying you tenfold this summer. Jamie, thank you for always be there for me and willing to pitch in when and wherever I need you! You’re a wonderful sister and I am going to owe you many help with your children’s future parties (when you have children, that is). Kellie and Elise, thank you so much for coming and helping set up! We couldn’t have gotten everything set up in that short of time without you! I really, really appreciate it!!!**

Vendor List: All paper products (Invite, placecards, labels, etc.): Modern Moments Designs Table Cloth: TableVogue Backdrop Instructions: DIY Green Screens and Backdrops I probably spend $14 or so on the frame. CHEAP!!! Caramel Corn Recipe: Rookie Cookie Lego Cupcake Toppers: Two Sugar Babies Lego MiniFig Crayons: Polkadotty Lego Minfig Soaps: BrokenRoadFarm Lego Fun Party Favors: Lego Fun Favor Pack Lego Storage Head: Lego Storage Head I purchased our at Toys R Us, but I don’t see it on their website. It was around $30. Lego Silicone Mold: Minifigure Ice Cube Mold

For all of my last minute shoppers and wrappers, here is a tag that I designed for some of my presents. I thought you guys may like to use it. Just print these on your favorite label or card stock and attach.

I did several versions. One that reads, “Merry Christmas.” Another one that says, “Happy Holidays.” Lastly, I did a versions of both the “Merry Christmas” and the “Happy Holidays” with “To and From” lines.

If you use these, let me know. I’d love to see photos!!!



PS- You can get these cute Chinese Take-Out Boxes at Paper Zone, Michael’s and any other craft store

I must confess. . . I never get the mail. Okay, I take that back. I get the mail on a regular basis, like every 7-8 days or so. Why get the mail? There’s only bills and a ton of recycling in there. Plus, I pay all of my bills online anyways and don’t even need the physical copy! I know, I know I need to switch to paperless billing.

There are some times when I get the mail regularly, like around my birthday, holidays, etc. So, I finally got the mail yesterday and there was cute little box waiting for me. Yes, me. Not one of my children, not my husband, not someone’s Christmas card order, not a party favor, but a package for me.

I didn’t really think anything of it. I opened it and literally started tearing up. Inside was a card that read, ” J, Set the timer and tell the world to come back in an hour. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better. Hugs, January.” Now, I haven’t even gotten to the really good part yet. Inside the box was another cute white box, beautifully tied with a bow. Do you want to know what was inside? It was the cutest cupcake timer that I have ever seen. That’s right. A CUPCAKE timer!! Skyler and Jackson were in the room and said, “Mom, why are you crying?” I replied, “Because one of my really nice and thoughtful clients sent this to me. Out of the kindess of her heart, she saw this and thought of me.”

So January, let me just tell you from the bottom of my heart how I truly appreciate you! I’m pretty sure from this one act, you restored my faith in humanity. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to send me the perfect gift! I didn’t know that people like you existed. You will always have a special place in my heart. I am truly thankful!!!!

A little back story on Januraury. . . the first time I “met” January was this summer and she was frantically planning her son’s first birthday party. You may remember the post I did on his amazing sailor party. She did such a fabulous job. You know how there are some people that you just click with? Well, January is one of those people. We are both crazy party planners. We both have all boys. We are both type A. She can probably finish my sentences too. Though we’ve never actually met in person (she lives in Louisiana and I live in Oregon) I feel like I’ve known her for years. We are friends on facebook and chat about out upcoming parties. She’s always so kind to pass ideas and recipes on to me. It’s like she gets me. I don’t have to explain myself or apologize for my craziness.

Thank you January for always being so kind to me. I adore you!!!! Now I might start getting the mail more often!

From the bottom of my heart,