Downloading Printable Files

Once you have purchased a PDF file, there are several ways to download it. Please note that you can only download your file once and you must download it within 7 days.  It's important to make sure that when you open the file, you save it immediately. It will not allow you to open it again.

Here are several ways to download your purchased files:

1. After the order has been placed, click on the Download File link located in your Order Details. The file will open. Go to File > Save As and Save the file so you can print it later.


2. You can also login to your account. Go to Shop > My Account > View Order. Click on the View Button and download by following instructions above.


3. Lastly, you can also download your file through the email you receive after your order is place. To do this, open up your Modern Moments email. Click on the link located to the right of the word Download. Make sure when the file opens, you go to File > Save As and Save the file so you can print it later.

email_download_instructions Please contact us for any further questions! Thank you so much!

Can I submit my own child’s photo for his/her invitation?

Yes. We'd actually prefer you use a photo of your child and not ours. After you've completed your order, please send all photos to printsbymodernmoments@gmail.com. Want to send us a ton of photos? No problem, you can upload them to Dropbox and send us an invitation to view your photos.


Can I purchase a PDF file for a card or invitation?

Though we do sell PDF files for our cards and invitations, we don't recommend it. We work with several professional printing presses that do an amazing job. They specialize in printing double-sided cards and have a very fast turnaround time. It's usually not cost effective for you to print by the time you pay us for the file, pay to have them printed, trimmed, and purchase envelopes. With that being said, we will be happy to sell the PDF file to you, if that is the route you choose. Please contact us to make arrangements.


If I purchase a PDF file, can you print it for me please?

Well, since you asked so nicely, of course we can! We offer printing services on most of our PDF files. There is a minimum order of 5 sheets. The prices are as follows:

  • Glossy Paper or Card Stock, 8.5" x 11" - $1.50 per sheet
  • Sticker Stock or Vellum, "8.5" x 11"- $1.85 per sheet
  • Cover 11" x 17"- $3.00 per sheet

What if I want different colors for a specific product?

Some of our collections come in multiple colorways. Those colors are listed in the drop down menu for that specific product or collection. If you'd like something else, please contact us.

Do you offer custom card designs?

Of course we do! In fact, we live for custom orders. If you need a custom design, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What is a RUSH fee?

In a hurry? Need your items sooner than our current turnaround time? No worries, we all know how life gets. Just add our rush fee at checkout and we will expedite your order!

***PLEASE NOTE: This rush fee does not shorten your shipping time. It simply shortens the wait for a proof to 24 hours after purchase.****

Please contact me with any questions, prior to ordering!

Why do you have a several day turnaround time?

We receive an overwhelming amount of orders and correspondances each day, thanks to all of you! Due to the nature of this business, it takes several days to process all of your orders. We work as quickly as possible to get all these orders processed. If you are in a RUSH, we also offer a RUSH fee that you can add to your shopping cart. This will allow you to get your order sooner. However, if you purchase something with an instant download, there is no turnaround time.

What’s the difference between the card stocks you offer?

We offer a wide variety of card stock finishes. Certain cards look better on certain card stock, so if you need a recommendation we will be more than happy to help. Here is a brief description of each one to assist you in your selection: 

  •  Smooth- 120 # coated smooth card stock
  • Linen- 100 # Linen paper has a subtle, yet luxurious linen pattern.
  • 100% Recycled- 130# Recycled Paper is manufactured from 100% post consumer waste with a bright white matte finish. It has conservation qualities that make it ideal for high-end press cards and specialty products.
  • Felt- 130#Classic Felt press paper has a luxurious feel and smooth finish, producing a high-quality, timeless option for press products. It is an acid free, archival and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.
  • Pearl- 107# Pearl Paper offers a subtle shimmer to any design. This rich, luminous effect is achieved by combining natural minerals with organic pigments. It is not recommended for printing delicate type and fine details; the luminous effect and paper surface make reading small text difficult.


Why is the minimum card order 25 cards?

Really, I'm not just trying to be mean here! All of the professional printing presses that I work with have a minimum order of 25 cards. If they ever change their minimum order, I will do the same.