For the past several years I’ve been giving my Mom silhouettes of the boys for Mother’s Day! It’s been a fun tradition that I hope to continue as the boys get older. I think it will be fun to look back on how much they’ve changed.

This year I decided to do something a little different, but I still wanted to stick with the tradition. I had recently seen a seller on etsy who was selling silhouettes on plates. I thought it was a great idea, but wasn’t sure how to do it.

I hate painting ceramic. I hate it because I’m a total perfectionist. I can’t draw at all. So, free handing anything would never produce a result that I would be happy with. After doing a little research, I discovered a secret that has forever changed my feelings about painting ceramics. Do you want me to share the secret with you? Are you sure?

Okay, okay! You probably have all the tools necessary in your own home to create a beautiful ceramic piece. First, select an image, pattern, etc. that you’d like to paint. Print the image out. Now, find some tissue paper. Plain white tissue paper with no coating on it works best. Trace your image on the tissue paper with pencil. This is now your “stencil.” Take your stencil and lay it over your ceramic piece. Dig through your junk drawer and find a thin Sharpie marker and trace over your stencil! The ink will bleed through your tissue paper and will now be on your ceramic piece. All you have to do is paint or fill in your image. Don’t worry, the Sharpie will burn off when they fire your piece. Isn’t that easy?

Here’s how mine turned out. I wish the boys were filled in a little more, but I don’t have a lot of experience with painting ceramics. So, I think with a few more coats and a little more practice these would be even better.

I’m sure my mother-in-laws are loving these and wishing they had these too. Well, the good news is that your stencil is reusable and can be used on other ceramic pieces. So, talk Lincoln into painting some of these for you. He even helped me with these. I know he would do a great job on yours too.

I thought it might be nice for my Mom to get plates from all of her kids. I have twin sisters’ who I also called to collaborate with me. My sister, Kellie, has been busy painting ceramic pieces while she is away at college. She is getting really good. Check out her plate. Isn’t it beautiful?

Super cute, huh? I let Kellie and Jamie in on the little secret too. They did such a great job. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of Jamie’s plate. It was equally as adorable. I will do a follow up post once my Mom gets them up on the wall.

So, you might be wondering what I got for Mother’s Day. Do you wanna know? My amazing husband and boys bought me a new camera. Yippee, now I can take better pictures for my blog! I’m so excited to get my new camera. It should be here this week. Lincoln bought it on eBay used. Here is a photo to tide you over

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day hanging out with my family. I’d love to know what you did for Mother’s Day. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?

It’s high time I get off my lazy bum and get back to work! I’ve been milking this so called maternity leave for long enough. I need to stop resting on my laurels and get back out there. Start making modern, classy, and contemporary products. Share my talents with the world, or at least the cool people that shop on Etsy. I need to make a name for myself! Make it onto the front page of Etsy, just to say I did it! I need to sell, sell, sell! Okay, now that I’ve given myself the proper pep talk, all I really wanted to say was. . . .

That’s right! My Etsy shop is FINALLY open, again! It’s really funny because truth be told, I haven’t stopped working since, well, ever! I closed my Etsy shop in November because I was getting too many orders and I was worried that Emerson was going to come early and I wouldn’t be able to get everyone’s Christmas cards out. Well, that didn’t happen since the little poop was a week late. So, I continued to work to distract myself. In fact, the day we got home from the hospital I was still packaging up people’s Christmas cards and shipping them out. I haven’t missed a beat since. I’ve been working on my friends and families projects, my previous Etsy customers, and those lucky clients who have my personal email address.

I’ve been up late every night for the past few weeks. I plan on taking the weekend off to do whatever I want to. It is Mother’s Day weekend after all. I’m a Mommy three times over so I think I deserve some Mommy time. Plus, I totally miss my husband! I’m coming to bed with you this weekend honey!!! I promise!

However, after the weekend it’s back to work! I will be slowly adding items to my shop every day until it’s full! I will also be doing some fun an exciting blog giveaways next week! So make sure you check back often! I also plan on highlighting some other projects that I can’t wait to share with you! It’s all just so exciting!

Enjoy browsing through my shop.

Thanks for all of your love and support!!!


P.S. Looking for something special, but you can’t find it? Just ask me. I LOVE custom orders!

When I was busy nesting and designing Emerson’s room, I wanted to hang something over his bed that was “safe” in case it ever fell on him. You know they are always saying that the “Big One” could hit any day. Okay, so I can’t even remember the last time we’ve had an earthquake, but you can never be too prepared.

However, I didn’t want to sacrifice fashion for function. I searched high and low for something pretty and modern, but light weight and safe. I stumbled upon this bedroom on Project Nursery. I fell in love with these canvases over the crib. I’m always trying to figure out how things are made and how I can make them quicker, cheaper, and better. If you read through the post it appears that they painted these canvases. That just seems like way too much work for me! As with everything I do, I sat down and designed some canvases in photoshop. Here is my final result.

Once I was satisfied with the design proof, I re-created the design in my vinyl cutting software and began cutting. It was fairly quick and painless. In the meantime, I picked up some blank canvases at Michael’s. I love Michael’s. I probably shop there at least once a week. I’d buy everything in the store if I had somewhere to put it. Then I went to Home Depot and bought their mini sample paint. I think they are $2.95. Seriously, how cheap is that? You can go there and get designer paint colors in small quantities. These are perfect for any craft project.

In three quick steps, I painted the canvases, cut the vinyl, and applied the vinyl to the freshly painted canvases. How simple, right? It couldn’t have been easier. Take a look at the results. I absolutely love how they turned out. I sit in Emerson’s room and just admire them. I love how they look in his room and how his room make me feel.

As a side note, Emerson’s room use to be Jackson’s bedroom. I had painted it a bright green color when I was 20+ weeks pregnant with Jackson. I seriously cried for days after I painted it because I hated the color. I even made Lincoln change the light bulbs hoping that would improve the color. I’m sure he thought I was crazy. I tried floor lamps instead of the overhead light. I tried only opening the blinds and letting in natural light. I tried anything to make the room look more bearable. It never happened! So, now to sit in that same room and just LOVE it, is a huge change. It only took two and a half years too. Okay, back to canvases. Sorry for the tangent, but that green color still haunts me!

Recently Skyler was invited to little Miss Ella’s birthday party! Oh how I adore Ella! She is always dressed adorably and is just as cute as can be. When we got the invite, I immediately started brainstorming possible gifts. Keep in mind he was invited to her party over a month ago (that’s a Mom who is on top of things) and I just completed the gift last night. Actually, this morning, but who’s keeping tack? It always seems like my personal projects take a back seat to my “real” work.

I decided to make Scrabble Tile necklaces for Ella. If you haven’t seen them yet, basically it’s a Scrabble tile with a small photo of some sort attached to the front with a clear epoxy coating over the photo to protect it. Then you glue a bail on the back and hang them on a chain. I think they are just adorable and I love wearing a different one every day. Jackson is always asking me to wear Barack Obama. That’s his favorite, but I honestly think he just likes to say his name! It is a fun name to say!

Ella’s party was at Bliss Cupcake Shop. If you live in Portland/Beaverton, check it out. Oh, how I love cupcakes. In fact, I am still contemplating getting a cupcake tattoo, but that’s a whole separate post. Any chance I get to make anything with a cupcake on it makes me so happy! I selfishly decided to make her cupcake Scrabble tiles. I did several different tiles for her. What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

I also did one with her cute little face. Here is the birthday girl. Isn’t she cute?

Last night I had to take a timeout. I had a rough day with the boys and went out to have some Mommy time. While I was on time out, I went to Craft Warehouse. It’s one of my other favorite stores. I just went there to browse though. While I was there, I noticed that canvases were on sale. When I had originally brainstormed gift ideas, I had planned on making her a cupcake canvas for her room. I just had never gotten to it. My Etsy shop is opening up on Friday and I wanted to have another canvas design to go along with Emerson’s. It just worked out that I could design a gift for Ella and have another item to add to my shop. Here is my proof that I designed.

Here is the final result. I was super happy with how it turned out. All the Moms at the party commented on it. That made me feel so happy! Sometimes I feel like I design in a bubble. Many times I like things I design, but I have no idea how everyone else is going to react. Let’s just say their reactions made my week!

Let me know what you think. Since I am just starting out and totally new to blogging. I’d love as much feedback as I can get!

This is it! Finally, I am writing real blog content. This is my very first blog post on my oh so beautiful new blog! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to begin blogging. I must take this opportunity to thank my friend, Jonathan, who was so kind to take me on as a charity case and complete my blog in record time! Thank you Jonathan! Check your mail box soon because I am going to send you some yummy goodness!!

Since we just had a new baby, it seemed fitting that I would start a brand spankin’ new blog and add some new items to my etsy shop. If I’m being honest though, our baby isn’t as “new” as I had hoped he would be. Somehow time has totally eluded me and I’m not sure how it’s already May. With that being said, starting with Emerson’s birth, he’s the new baby, made the most sense.

First, let me take the opportunity to formally introduce you. This is Emerson Martin Wilcox. Isn’t he adorable. I know that everyone thinks their children are cute, but I really do have the most beautiful boys. I’m totally not biased either! Take a look for yourself.

See. . . I told you he was beautiful!

My fabulously talented brother-in-law, Ryan, took these photos less than a week after Emerson arrived. I will take this opportunity to shamelessly plug his photography business. Check Ryan out at and tell him that I sent you! He will be happy you stopped by to visit. Here are some more of the photos he took that day!

Emerson was born just before Christmas. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a “traditional” birth announcement or not since I was planning on sending out Christmas cards too. I opted for a slightly non-traditional bookmark birth announcement. This was accompanied by a tri-fold Christmas card. I was really happy with the results. I had these done through the printing press I use on pearl cardstock. They are beautiful and shimmer, but a bit hard to photograph. What do you think?

These will be one of the new items available in my Etsy shop. Stay tuned for the “Re-Grand Opening” at the end of the week. I will be posting some giveaways soon too. Don’t you just love blog giveaways? I know I do! Heck, I’m still trying to win a KitchenAid Mixer from The Pioneer Women, but that’s a whole different blog post. Yeah, I already have something else to talk about! Good, I am on a roll!

I think this will conclude my first blog post. Stay tuned for more new products and rambles. How did I do?