All of our weekends are jammed packed with soccer games, watching the DUCKS play football, cleaning, and birthday parties or baby showers. It seems like we have at least one a weekend!! This schedule keeps us very busy!! This weekend, one of my dear friends, Emily had a baby shower!!! She has been a friend of mine since the sixth grade! I know, that was like forever ago, right? She has been kind enough to throw me several showers over the years!!! I wanted to repay the favor by throwing her a baby shower. Her Mom and sister took dibs, but they were kind enough to let me help out!!!

I designed several baby shower invitations, but we finally settled on the first one. These will both be available in my Etsy shop soon.

I think I like these?

Which one do you like the best?

In addition to designing the invites, Emily’s Mom Cindi, asked me to make the cupcakes. She wanted them to be the centerpiece for the food table. Of course, I said yes! I LOVE cupcakes! Sticking with the onesie theme, I baked chocolate and banana (my favorite kind) cupcakes. Then I took fondant, rolled it out, and cut a ton of mini onesies. After I had cut all the onesies, I hand stamped “it’s a girl” on each of them. How do they look?

Here are some more shots

Cindi and Emily’s sister, Kim, did an amazing job decorating for the shower. The food was even more amazing.

Emily and her husband Andy are expecting a baby girl. With their gene pool, she’s bound to be the most adorable thing in the whole world! I wanted to get Emily some special gifts, but I needed some inspiration! I went to my favorite place for inspiration, the craft store. Oh, how my mind can go crazy with ideas there. It’s not really the best place for my pocket book either. However, I always try to find personalized gifts on a budget. I was super excited when I came across these darling footstools. I used my 40% off coupon, purchased some fabric that matched little Mackenzie’s nursery, and we were in business. Here are some before and after photos.

Here is how the stool looked when it was finished. Okay, so I forgot to take pictures of it, but you get the idea from these, right?

My Mom and I went in on the gift. I also personalized a picture frame from Target, the cute bucket tub, also from Target, and a onesie (guess what? The onesie was also from Target!). Can you tell I shop at Target a lot? I whipped up a blanket. Okay, let’s just say I am not a quick, nor very good, seamstress. This blanket was a bit embarrassing, but I threw it in anyways! Sorry Emily! Let Mackenzie throw up on it! Hahaha!

I want to wish Emily and Andy luck in their new adventure into parenthood. It will be the best time of your lives! You two are going to be great parents to miss Mackenzie. I can’t wait to meet her and hold her in my arms. {Sigh} I long for another little baby. . . someday. . . maybe.

Well, they could be!!!

My sister Kellie moved back into town and was in need of a new job. Her work experience was with little kids at the local YMCA both in Beaverton and Eugene. She was in search of a flexible job while she is in the process of finishing her college education. She came across a posting for a new indoor trampoline place. The company is Sky High Sports. They are a franchise with locations in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Kellie has been involved with helping them get everything set up and their doors open!! She mentioned in passing that she had a vinyl connection. Que big-sister-that-is-certified-crazy who always takes on way too many projects. Obviously, that is where I came in!! I was in charge of creating vinyl for their doors, as well as their front desk area, and other sinage throughout the building.

Here are some photos of the finished product. I think they turned out well. Your thoughts are always important to me. What do you think??

Let me just tell you that this was on the hardest things I’ve ever cut on my vinyl cutter. It was 17 feet long. That’s right. Seventeen feet!!! It was a major learning experience. Let’s just say I never EVER want to cut vinyl that long again!

I also created a quick promotional flyer for them. Feel free to print it out and take it into the Tigard, Oregon location. Write “Kellie’s” name on the back (Kellie Studer) and the employee who has the most customers bring in the flyers with their name on it gets $100. Who couldn’t use an extra hundered dollars? I know Kellie definitly could since she moved back in with our parents and is trying to move out as quickly as possible!!! Help her out!!

Print this out Flyer for 1 Free Hour of Jumping with Purchase of One Full Hour. I already added Kellie’s name for you!!! Sorry, tomorrow is the last day to use the coupons, but there are many more coupons to come. If you can’t make it before then, they are having their grand opening on OCTOBER 15, 2010. Go check it out!

I’m so excited about this place. It’s always hard to find good entertainment (especially in the cold rainy months) for all the boys! Sky High Sports is a wonderful venue for kids and adults of all ages!! They offer private parties, birthday parties, dodge ball tournaments, a foam pit, and open bounce sessions. We are already planning on having Skyler’s Sixth birthday party there. Here are some of their other amenities too!

If you’re having trouble picturing the trampoline place, imagine several large trampolines pieced together to create one massive trampoline floor. If that doesn’t sound amazing, imagine having walls surrounding this area also made of trampolines. So, your children can literally be bouncing off of the walls!! No worrying about them falling off either!!!

Also, don’t worry if you have little kids, there are several different trampolines and they each have designated age groups that can jump. I think Lincoln is just as excited to jump as the boys are. So, go check them out. They opened their doors on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1st. Don’t forget to print out your coupon (write Kellie’s name on it) and go jump! We all know tired kids sleep better and so do we!!!

adding new items to my etsy shop. Go check out all the new products that I’ve added to my shop. I can’t take all the credit for this. My sister, Kellie, helped me add these items to my shop (thanks Kellie for adding these for me).

Stay tuned for Halloween Cards, Christmas Cards, and more!!!!

Here are a few sneak peaks

I did it!!! I did it!!! I did it!! I’m featured on one of my favorite blogs of all time, Hostess Blog. Check out Linc’s Circa 1980 Surprise Party that was just featured!! Let me know what you think! Yay for me!! Okay, I am off to celebrate now!!!!