** Some of these photos are not super good. The flash was on for some of them, oops! Sorry!!!**

Over this past weekend, we attend little miss Bentlee’s second birthday party. Bentlee’s Mom, Lisa, graduated from Portland State with me. We have kept in contact ever since. I have been lucky enough to design Bentlee’s first birthday invitation, thank you cards, and now her second birthday invites. I also designed their Christmas card last year too!!!

Normally, I just chat with Lisa via email and facebook. So, it was nice to actually see Lisa! Lisa did an amazing job on Bentlee’s birthday party! Check out all the adorable things that Lisa put together. One of my favorite thing was the cute sucker centerpieces!!

These cupcakes were amazing. No wonder Bentlee was enjoying them There was both chocolate and coconut. Hey Lisa, can I have the recipe to the coconut ones? I have been dreaming about them! Post the link for me in the comments section, pretty please!

I also designed the bubble tin labels. Didn’t Lisa do a nice job putting them together? Here is the post I did on that a fews ago in case you missed it. I also designed the edible icing decals to match the decor. They again came from none other than Hello Frosting. Hey Erin, maybe I should get some endorsement compensation? 🙂 Just kidding!

I like this photo because you can see what the cookies look like if you don’t feel like embellishing the outer edge.

I was planning on making Bentlee a canvas for her room, but I ran out of time. I did the next best thing. I designed her a personalized print that matched her room decor. What do you think?

I picked up a pretty white matted frame at Target along with some cute sunglasses and a stainless steal sippy. I’m a freak about plastics. Bentlee put the glasses on right away! She’s adorable!

I had to include these two pics of my adorable little Emerson. Isn’t he cute?

Great job on the party Lisa. I am still enjoying the Bit-o-Honey candies!! We had a wonderful time at Bentlee’s Birthday Party! Thanks for including us!

Jessica (and the rest of the Wilcox clan)

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