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I’m pretty much in love with anything personalized! I love giving gifts to people with their names on it. I’m not sure where this obsession came from? I’m sure it probably started when I was little, but I don’t see it ending any time soon. I’m always trying to come up with new items to personalize.

Alas, I am very excited to introduce personalized ice buckets. These pictures do not do justice to these adorable ice buckets. One day, I will get a good photo of them I promise, but for now, you are just going to have to take my word for it!

My Mom’s birthday was at the beginning of the month and she had requested an ice bucket. It was a fairly simple request. I had the bucket, but no design. Mom had just purchased some plastic tumblers to use in the hot tub. They had large black and white flowers on them and I thought it would be cute to stick with that theme. Here is what I came up with!

What do you think?

This gift wouldn’t be complete without a matching tag!

I think these would make great gifts for birthdays, house warming gifts, holiday celebrations, Christmas, and bridal showers. Speaking of bridal showers (that’s one of Jackson’s new phrases, “speaking of. . . ” and he just uses it whenever he wants. It’s so funny!) I did one of these buckets for Kristen’s bridal shower. Kristen and Dustin are getting married in August (that’s the Bachelor party Lincoln attended last weekend and boy could I share some stories with you, but Linc swore me to secrecy).

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned how much I love Pottery Barn decor. When we win the lottery (in my dreams), all my decor will be from Pottery Barn. I wasn’t sure what “theme” to do for Kristen, but I knew I couldn’t go wrong with something inspired by Pottery Barn decor. So, I searched through their website for inspiration. Here’s what I stumbled upon. I just love these!!

And this . . .

These stripes are so fun and carefree. They totally scream summer to me! Here is the print I designed.

Here are some shots of the final ice bucket.

For this bucket, I actually did a liner facing the outside of the bucket and one facing the inside. I really like how it turned out and I think I will offer them both ways.

I’m planning on also offering the liners separately in sets of three. That way, you can purchase an ice bucket with a liner and when you get sick of it, you can just switch it out. How cool is that? It’s personalized, functional, and interchangeable!

I need some ideas for additional liners. I want them to be modern, stylish, and to appeal to a pretty broad group. I’d love some ideas. For some reason, I am really struggling coming up with more ideas.

Whatcha got? Give me your best ice bucket liner ideas?

It’s summer time and birthday parties are as abundant as rain in Oregon. If my memory serves me right (keep in mind that I am breastfeeding still and can’t remember my own name some days) we’ve been to 6 birthday parties (4 kids, 2 adults) in 3 weeks (plus a bridal shower and Linc went to a Bachelor party last weekend too)! YIKES!

I also want to comment on how I am relaxing a bit and taking it easy. I’ve taken the last couple weeks off. Okay, not really off, but I’ve been working a bit less. I’ve been trying to enjoy my children and the weather. My kids are growing up so fast, work will always be there, but soon they will leave the nest and what will I be left with then? Freedom, a clean house, a smaller grocery bill, time to myself? Alright, I guess they won’t be leaving that soon, but I still want to enjoy them while I can!

With that being said, some of your orders are taking a bit of a back seat. I’ve also been blogging less too. Sorry! That’s just how it’s going to be for another month or so. So just hang in there! I’ll be back to my neurotic ways in no time!

Today was non-stop! Jackson had soccer class, we got bagel’s for lunch (I love bagel Mondays at My Favorite Muffin and Bagel Cafe), we went to Kayleigh’s Birthday Party, and lastly we had swim lessons. Man, I’m tired just typing that all out!

So, time management may not be my strong point. We’ve known about Kayleigh’s birthday for several weeks and I just finished the gift, umm. . . 10 minutes before we had to leave for the party. At least I got it done, right? Actually, I designed it last night, but didn’t paint it or cut the vinyl until today!

Kayleigh’s Mom told me that Kayleigh really loves princesses. So, I took the opportunity to design another canvas. Here is how it was suppose to look.

Due to poor time management, here is what the actual canvas ended up looking like

The color is a bit off since the lighting wasn’t so great, but I still think the canvas turned out well. What do you think? I am really enjoying these and I have another one that I am working on for myself that I will reveal soon!!!

All in all, we had a great day today! Here are a few photos from the party!

Even Emerson was having a good time crawling around. Yep, that’s right I said crawling. He’s on the move already and not slowing down!! Isn’t he cute?

Check out all the kids at the party? There was a lot of pink, sweat, and tons of fun!

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on personalized gifts that will be great for the summer!!!

I’m out


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Danielle on several projects. She is a client that I met on Etsy several years ago. We go way back! 🙂 We were both pregnant with our third child at the same time. She has two older boys too, but she was lucky enough to get a little girl (that’s her featured in the frame above). Oh, don’t worry Mama still loves you Emerson!

Danielle and her husband Eric were starting a new business venture and asked me to design a logo for them. They live in a small town in Iowa and were planning on offering custom picture frames at a local photographer’s studio.

Anytime I design a logo, I start with three concept proofs. I take whatever the client has given me, such as color, style, feel, etc. and create three totally different logo concepts. Once a client selects which concept they want to move forward with, I spend the rest of my time working with that concept to create their final logo. Here are the three concepts I came up with.

My Marketing degree comes in handy at times! When I design a logo for a client it should convey the product, look, feel, and style of the company. I am a firm believer that a company’s logo should compliment the product, as well. The second concept was my favorite. Here it is in color.

And another version incorporating the “candy” theme.

Danielle really wanted to go with a “candy shop” theme and we came up with a logo that has really bright candy colors. Here are some photos of the collateral that I designed for them.

I am so excited because I have five beautiful frames that should be coming to me any day now! I can’t wait to see them, display them, and brag about them. I know that my babies will look beautiful in these frames. The photos of these picture frames are amazing! I just can’t wait to get them in my hot little hands. Check out some more photos of these gorgeous frames.

Like these frames? Become a fan of eyeCandy Frames on facebook. Frame photos are compliments of j. selander photography. Thanks Janna for the amazing photos of the frames.

** Some of these photos are not super good. The flash was on for some of them, oops! Sorry!!!**

Over this past weekend, we attend little miss Bentlee’s second birthday party. Bentlee’s Mom, Lisa, graduated from Portland State with me. We have kept in contact ever since. I have been lucky enough to design Bentlee’s first birthday invitation, thank you cards, and now her second birthday invites. I also designed their Christmas card last year too!!!

Normally, I just chat with Lisa via email and facebook. So, it was nice to actually see Lisa! Lisa did an amazing job on Bentlee’s birthday party! Check out all the adorable things that Lisa put together. One of my favorite thing was the cute sucker centerpieces!!

These cupcakes were amazing. No wonder Bentlee was enjoying them There was both chocolate and coconut. Hey Lisa, can I have the recipe to the coconut ones? I have been dreaming about them! Post the link for me in the comments section, pretty please!

I also designed the bubble tin labels. Didn’t Lisa do a nice job putting them together? Here is the post I did on that a fews ago in case you missed it. I also designed the edible icing decals to match the decor. They again came from none other than Hello Frosting. Hey Erin, maybe I should get some endorsement compensation? 🙂 Just kidding!

I like this photo because you can see what the cookies look like if you don’t feel like embellishing the outer edge.

I was planning on making Bentlee a canvas for her room, but I ran out of time. I did the next best thing. I designed her a personalized print that matched her room decor. What do you think?

I picked up a pretty white matted frame at Target along with some cute sunglasses and a stainless steal sippy. I’m a freak about plastics. Bentlee put the glasses on right away! She’s adorable!

I had to include these two pics of my adorable little Emerson. Isn’t he cute?

Great job on the party Lisa. I am still enjoying the Bit-o-Honey candies!! We had a wonderful time at Bentlee’s Birthday Party! Thanks for including us!

Jessica (and the rest of the Wilcox clan)