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I am in LOVE with the cupcakes I just made! They were fabulous, if I don’t say so myself! Thank you so much to my dear friend Cami for opening my eyes to all the wonderful things I’ve been missing. She made some adorable cupcakes the other day and I was dying to know where she got the recipe. She was kind enough to pass along another amazing blog. The recipes for these cupcake came from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. The recipe that we (my adorable sister Kellie was kind enough to help me make these, thanks Kel) used was Chocolate Dipped Candy Cupcake. This recipe combines two of my favorite things. Cupcakes and Candy! Need I say more. They were devine! Exquisit! Freakin’ unbelievable!!!

No really, they were amazing! Enjoy these yummy photos!

Try these for yourself or I can try them for you!

It’s my Mom’s Birthday today and you’re getting a present too! There’s only ONE RULE: Be the first person to comment on this blog post and I will hand deliver this box of cupcakes to you! No other requirements. The cupcakes are Lemon with “That’s the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had” and White with Peanut Butter Frosting dipped in Chocolate. Oh so yummy! Want some? Hurry! Post a Comment and you WIN!

Are you going to be the lucky winner?

Last year, I had these lofty plans to make Skyler’s Preschool Teachers personalized cards. I’m sure teacher’s are constantly writing notes to other parents, etc. I thought they would come in handy! Well, let’s just say being pregnant with Emerson put a bit of a damper on my plans. This year, I have a bit more energy and really wanted to give the teacher’s a thank you gift. Plus, I have to butter them up since they are going to have Jackson next year. Should be interesting!

I came across this cute apple on istockphoto last year and was super happy it was still there! I created these simple, yet functional cards. Here they are. . .

What do you think? Do you like it?

Wait, did you see the back? Cute, right?

Guess what? You can have them too. Here is the download for the teacher thank you card. Also, here are the printable envelope bands download too. For the note cards, paper bands, and envelopes- I had my cards printed 2 per sheet at Office Depot. You can print these at home to cut down on the cost. I printed them on cardstock. Cut them down the center along the dotted line. You can leave them as is or crop them. I took a quarter of an inch or so off one side, as well as, the top and bottom of the card. I cut them at home with my paper cutter and scored them. I printed the envelope bands at home, so that was free, right? I also had a ton of envelopes. This price will just depend on how many cards you decide to print. I also don’t think you have to include envelopes either!

So, I came across this post on one of the blogs I follow called The Sweetest Occasions. It was a guest post from PaperCrave featuring Milk + Cookies DIY Downloads. I thought they were adorable and would be perfect to add to the teacher’s gift.

I contacted Kristen from PaperCrave. She is absolutely wonderful! She made a few changes for me to her files to fit my theme. I think she is incredibly talented and I was so happy that she was so nice! Thanks Kristen!

Here are the downloads that she created! Aren’t they wonderful?? Please contact me if you have any questions on assembling them, but Kristen gives detailed instructions on each piece.

Do you think your children’s teachers will like them too? Download your milk carton favor box (it says goodies on it), here is the one that says “cookies” on it, if you would rather use that one. Here is the blank recipe cards or if you want to use the one I did with with Martha Stewart’s Cookie recipe that’s fine too! Download the customizable report card template too.

I had all the ingredients to make these cookies in my cabinet so it didn’t cost me a thing. Plus, my family got to eat all of the extras. Just a note, I could fit 4 cookies in each box. I separated the cookies with parchment paper like Kristen recommended! They fit perfectly. I think I will give each teacher a couple of boxes.

I also went to the Dollar Tree to get a few other items to add to the gift.


They matched my theme, so I had to get them! Skyler helped pick them out too. There were several different pads to choose from, so I let him decide. He was really cute and definitely had an opinion.

Here is another shot of the complete package!

Want to know where I got these items? Here’s the list. Let me know if I left anything out! Keep in mind I split these between two baskets. The cost of each was $9 and I didn’t even use a 40% off coupon at Michael’s and the baskets were regular price. Basket-Michael’s Craft Store, Red Note Pad- Dollar Tree, Apple Note Pad-Dollar Tree, Pencils-Dollar Tree, Old Fashion Candy-Dollar Tree, 100 Grand Mini Candy Bars-Dollar Tree (I have a confession on this one. They just looked so good that I had to open them. I ended up eating more than I had to give. Oops), Shredded paper in bottom of basket-Dollar Tree.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to share anything with you! Also, if you already gave your teachers’ gifts this year, save this idea for next year.

So, a few months ago I saw this adorable post on Hostess {with the mostess}blog. There was a cute little girl’s first birthday party featured and there was a DIY Bubble tutorial. Well, you know me! I love DIY anything! I’ve been dying to try this tutorial out. Here is the link to the post Audrey’s Pink Birthday + DIY Bubbles.

Recently, I was asked to create some birthday invitations for set of twins. They are planning on having a Hello Kitty Birthday Party. Their Mom, Tiffani, asked me if I had any ideas for the party. Me, have ideas? Nah! Okay, so you know me too well. I had a ton of ideas. The first thing that came to mind was the DIY Bubbles! The girls are having a “sprinkler” birthday party outside and I thought it would fit their theme perfectly. If the weather cooperates, that is! Who knows? Anyway, she loved the idea!

I created labels that match the invitation. Here they are! What do you think?

I just love them! Here are some more photos!!!

These were so fun and easy to make! I just love them! Have I said that already? It’s true though!

I also designed a matching label for custom edible icing decals.

I’m super excited to see the photos from the party! I know that it will be a huge success!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of this special day Tiffani!!!