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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. When you have a family, sometimes it’s easier to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your spouse and kids. We partnered up with Ciao Bella Gelato + Sorbetto, who was kind enough to sponsor this post, and came up with a fun cocktail that you can make right at home. Guess what? We only used two ingredients! Simple and easy. We thought you’d like that! Also, it’s just as easy to create a mocktail version that the kids will love too.

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Jan 29

Fun with Wigs

My job is so much fun sometimes. Okay, it’s really fun most of the time. This post is sponsored by Uniwigs, but all opinions are my own. I’ve always wanted to try on a wig and was giddy when Uniwigs reached out to me.I got to select my own wig and, of course, I selected the Allison Futura Wig. Currently, I just don’t have the time to color my hair, so wearing a colorful wig is a fun alternative. And even better, when I am ready for a change I can just take it off.

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If you follow me on instagram or facebook you know that I am a donut fanatic. You might also know that I am pretty picky about my donuts too. There are only a few places that I am loyal to. Thankfully, we live near one of my favorite donut shops, Donut Day. Yes, I said thankfully, when I really mean my added fluff is composed of mostly yummy donuts. →Continue reading for more details + photos


Can I just start out by saying I am beyond excited to be working with the Happy Family brand?! Though I was not paid to participate, Happy Family was generous enough to give me a couple bags of  their new Happy Tot Best Friends toddler cookies and these “blank” cookie jars. My kids begged me to break into these adorable, organic puppy-shaped cookies. Emerson, our 4 year old, literally asked me about 10 times if it was “time” to open them yet?! He was so excited when I told him it was finally “time” to open them. →Continue reading for more details + photos