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So, a few months ago I saw this adorable post on Hostess {with the mostess}blog. There was a cute little girl’s first birthday party featured and there was a DIY Bubble tutorial. Well, you know me! I love DIY anything! I’ve been dying to try this tutorial out. Here is the link to the post Audrey’s Pink Birthday + DIY Bubbles.

Recently, I was asked to create some birthday invitations for set of twins. They are planning on having a Hello Kitty Birthday Party. Their Mom, Tiffani, asked me if I had any ideas for the party. Me, have ideas? Nah! Okay, so you know me too well. I had a ton of ideas. The first thing that came to mind was the DIY Bubbles! The girls are having a “sprinkler” birthday party outside and I thought it would fit their theme perfectly. If the weather cooperates, that is! Who knows? Anyway, she loved the idea!

I created labels that match the invitation. Here they are! What do you think?

I just love them! Here are some more photos!!!

These were so fun and easy to make! I just love them! Have I said that already? It’s true though!

I also designed a matching label for custom edible icing decals.

I’m super excited to see the photos from the party! I know that it will be a huge success!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of this special day Tiffani!!!


I’m pretty sure I am starting to suffer from seasonal depression. Either someone is playing a trick on me and flipped my calendar or it’s still raining in June. We have had one of the wettest springs that I have ever seen. Today I heard a warning for possible flooding in the next day or so. Flooding in June? What the heck?? I know we live in Oregon, but this is ridiculous.

I’ve tried to ignore it. I’ve tried to pretend that it’s not raining. I’ve even worn my flip flops daily hoping that the pretty jewels on them posses magical powers and entice the sun to make an appearance. Needless to say, they must be magic rain makers instead. I’m going to throw them away. I am going to run around bare foot instead and chant “rain, rain go away” and don’t come back until, well, October!

Despite the rain, I actually have been very busy. I have several projects that I am super excited to share with you. I had planned on taking photos today, but the rain washed those aspirations away! Did I mention I try to take all my photos outside in natural light? Anyways, I am hoping that I will get at least a sun break or two tomorrow.

I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive, depressed, but alive. I’m hoping I can cheer myself up with pretty photographs tomorrow! In the meantime, I am hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep!


P.S. If you have any extra sun lying around, can you please overnight it too? I’d be happy to cover the shipping costs! Thanks!

The wedding season is in full force. One of my dear friends, Laura is getting married soon next summer. Though the proposal hasn’t exactly happened yet. It’s complicated okay. That’s a story for another day though. However, we’ve already started the planning process! You can never be too prepared, right! Right!

Recently, I collaborated with Erin at Hello Frosting on some edible wedding icing decals. Wow, that was a mouthful. You try to say that three times fast. Edible wedding icing decals. Edible wedding icing decals. Edible wedding icing decals. Okay, now that we got that out of the way back to weddings!

Have I mentioned that I am a bit obsessed with weddings and I am secretly wishing I could do my wedding all over again. I’d like to remarry my darling husband, of course, just change everything else!! I’d like a new photographer, dress, colors, location, food, you name it and I’d like to do it over again. I follow a ton of wedding blogs that make me jealous on a daily basis. Some day we will renew our vows and I will do it over again!!!

Alright, sorry for the tangent there. I tend to do that. I think it’s because I write all my posts late at night. I’m tired. So what if it’s only 10:45. I haven’t been getting very much sleep lately. Emerson has decided to wake up hourly! Yeah, now do you see why my posts have been lackluster this week. I’m tired. I’m so tired.

Due to my sleepless nights, I am going to make this quick. I had all of these fun wedding designs that I created for the icing decals and I didn’t want them to go to waste. I decided to offer them in my shop. They are 2″ round labels and would be perfect for just about anything from gift tags to wedding favors. I could think of more ideas, but I’m too tired. Check them out!

These are some of my favorites.

And these too

The ones with an asterisk are the designs that will also be available at Hello Frosting. Wouldn’t that be cute to do custom cookies with one of these designs and use a corresponding label on the packaging too? So cute, right?

That’s all from me tonight. Good night!


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