Okay people, I am so over this #snowpocalypse2014. I’ve been stuck in the house since last Thursday, besides a few outings or two. The kids are bouncing off the wall. I am grumpy and getting fatter by the minute since I spent most of the time baking and then eating said baked goods. Ugh! Hopefully this winter blast is almost over!


I did finish a few craft projects while I was home though! My girlfriend asked me to create a first birthday shirt for her daughter who is a Valentine’s baby! I made a super simple shirt with my Silhouette CAMEO. I swear that thing can make anything!


Since we’ve been stuck inside, I had to use Kennedy as my model! She’s a pretty cute model, if you ask me!! I threw the shirt on her, added a pink tutu, and a pair of gray tights with hearts on her knees. Well, I think the hearts are suppose to be on her knees, but now they are getting a little small and they’re more on her shins. Whatever. You get the idea. I added a pretty necklace to her outfit and she was ready to pose!

Check her out! I think she did a great job!

vday-shirt-5 vday-shirt-6

vday-shirt-4If you would like step-by-step instructions on completing this tutorial, please check out my post on the Silhouette blog.


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