Silhouette will be introducing stencil material really, really soon! That’s right, I said Stencil Material! Are you as excited as I am? Think of all of the crafting possibilities now. For my post this week, I headed to my favorite stores: Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and Paper Source.


Sometimes you’ve got to make some serious decisions when you’re crafting.  Are you ready? Should you use Stencil Material or Adhesive Vinyl? Now, that’s as serious as it gets, here people!  I actually used both items when creating these Stenciled Valentine’s Bags. I told you this was going to be some serious stuff!


These ones I made using the NEW Stencil Material from Silhouette. I tried to use shaped that were super simple and that had no islands. An island would be the little triangle inside a capital “A.” I went with simple shapes with no islands.  The only words of wisdom I have would be to use a very SMALL amount of paint. I mean really small. I squirted some on a paper plate, dabbed my stencil brush in the paint, blotted some of it off, and then stenciled. If you notice the 2 fish bag, I used too much paint. So, just use a teeny tiny amount of paint. I love that the stencil material is reusable too. Just put the stencil back on it’s backing sheet and save it for another day!


You can also accomplish the same look with Adhesive Vinyl. I would recommend choosing a color you don’t use as often or use your vinyl scraps. You don’t want to waste any good vinyl since you will be throwing this away when you are done with it. Thank goodness I recycle everything else because I do feel pretty wasteful. In my opinion, Adhesive Vinyl works better for really intricate designs. The only downside is you have to throw it away when you are done because it’s not reusable. Also, you need to have transfer tape, weeding tools, etc. on hand.


I should have made my stencil a little larger. I’m a messy crafter and I tend to get a little wild with my paint. If I had made my stencil a little larger, it would have protected more of the bag.


Check out my attempt at creating an ombre effect with the “Feb 14” design. You can do some pretty fun things with paint.


VDay_Bags_8 VDay_Bags_9

All in all, it’s wonderful having the new Stencil Material to add to our crafting arsenal. I hope you guys are as excited about it as I am!!! I’d love to hear how you plan on using it



– Martha Stewart Craft Paint: Jo Ann Fabrics
– Martha Stewart Stencil Brushes: Michael’s
– Muslin Bags: Paper Source
– Stencil Material and Adhesive Vinyl: Silhouette America 

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