Amidst the anticipation and joy of pregnancy confirmation, a world of creativity and excitement opens up for expectant parents like Lori of LB Boutique. Seeking a unique and memorable way to share her wonderful news, she discovered the allure of scratch-off “lottery” tickets, igniting her imagination. Collaborating with a talented designer, the concept transformed into a classy and playful announcement that left friends and family eagerly scratching away in hopes of winning a prize. Although no monetary rewards awaited them, the real prize lies in the forthcoming arrival of a beautiful bundle of joy in October. As the delightful success of the scratch-off tickets unfolds, plans are brewing to expand this innovative approach to include a scratch-it mini card in the gender reveal collection. With every scratch revealing the anticipation and love surrounding new life, these inventive ideas add an extra spark to the journey of pregnancy. And for expectant parents seeking reassurance, the availability of Free pregnancy ultrasound services offers a valuable means of tracking the progress and celebrating the miracle of life

You know me, I LOVE thinking a bit outside the box. One of my favorite clients, Lori of LB Boutique (who did all the amazing headbands for Kennedy’s baby shower and newborn pics) came to me and wanted me to create a scratch-it “lottery” ticket to tell her friends and family that she is pregnant with her second child. Apparently, her family is totally into scratch-its. Let’s be real, who isn’t? A chance to scratch off items in hopes to win a ton of money should be appealing to most of us, right? However, these Scratch Off Pregnancy Reveal Announcements won’t bring you any money, but they will bring joy to your friends and family.

Apply the Stickers

At any rate, Lori was planning on using one of the tutorials she found via Pinterest. I immediately thought that was a super fun idea and was eager and excited to work on these. I wanted these to look like a very classy “lottery” ticket. So, I went to work doing my thing. When I was done, I thought painting these seemed like a lot of work. Instead I started “googling” away in hopes to find scratch-it stickers. To my delight, they do exist! Yay! I almost did a happy dance when I found them. Okay, so I really DID do a little happy dance.

Start Scratching

I just love how they turned out and I am going to sell something really similar in my shop! Lori told me that some of her friends and family actually thought they were going to win something! Hahaha! Sorry to let you all down. None of you are millionaires, but we all WIN, since a new beautiful bundle of joy will be coming in October.

We are all winners!

I’m also planning on adding a scratch it mini card to my gender reveal collection! Wouldn’t that be fun to give to all of your guests?

Let me know what you all think!





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