Hey Everyone!!¬†Yep, it’s me! I should change my name to “Last Minute Lady” because I always do everything at the last minute. I mean in an ideal world, I would be months ahead, but I have way too much going on and it just so happens that usually the only time I have to do anything is at the “last minute.” So, here I am again! Bringing you some Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts that you can create really quickly!

At the small chance that you are a procrastinator or just super busy like me, here are a few last minute gift ideas. This is something that you can get done while your kids are at school. Literally, it will only take you a few minutes. This is my kind of gift idea! Simple, cute, and quick! Plus, your kids or whoever you choose to give this to will LOVE it!

Kiss Me Free Printable

You will only need three things for this project:

  • Clear container (I got mine at Michael’s for $2.99 and they have a larger versions for $3.99. Use a 40% off coupon for an even cheaper option.)
  • Candy of your choice (I used gummy worms, swedish fish, and gummy frogs.)
  • Free Label (Use a 3″ circle punch and a paper cutter to trim.)

I did three different versions! Pick one or do all three. They are super quick and easy and very inexpensive. For the smaller container you can use 1- 1.5 bags of candy and for the larger container you will need 3 bags of candy!

Hooked on You Free Printable

If you already have all of your Valentine’s done for this year, just pin these and make them next year! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Free Printables

Love Bug Free Printable

Kiss Me Free Printable

Hooked on You Free Printable



Photos courtesy of my gal Courtney Jade of Courtney Jade Photography

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