When is comes to school Halloween parties, you have to get creative. Since you are limited to bringing in store bought food and catering to 25+ kids, there definitely are challenges. I’ve been in charge of helping plan Skyler and Jackson’s preschool parties for the last 4 years. For the first two years, we were handed down ideas from the previous parents. Last year, we stepped outside the box a bit and came up with some cool ideas! This year, I wanted to shake things up a bit!

Thank goodness for Pinterest. I’ve been pinning Halloween ideas since I discovered Pinterest back in March (btw, contact me if you need an invite, I’ll hook you up. I should be getting paid for my constant endorsements, haha.) Also, make sure you follow me on Pinterest, if you don’t already. I’m constantly pinning everything from holiday ideas to hairdos and everything in between.

Before our party planning meeting, I went to my Boo Halloween board and started pulling ideas for the party. It was so fun and so EASY!!! It always seems like you see an idea for something during the off time of year and when the holiday rolls around you can’t remember what it was or how to do it. Well, that’s why Pinterest is so great. You can pin something and forget it until you need it. Then when you are ready to access it, it’s right there waiting for you!!!

For our Snack we selected these adorable Mummy “Scary” Sippers and Spooky Popcorn Hands

{Parents.com via Pinterest}

{Dollarstore Mom via Pinterest}

Here are some of the activities that we’ve planned. I can’t wait to watch the kids do the donut on the string game:

{Tip Junkie via Pinterest}

{Martha Stewart via Pinterest}

{Jeanetics.net via Pinterest}

{Classic Play! via Pinterest}

Treat for the Kids!!

{Skip to my Lou via Pinterest}

You can download all of these fun snacks and activities and use them for you kids parties. Click on the images above to download! Just thought it would be fun to share them with you! Like I said, we’ve done many different activities and games in the past, but if there is something uber fun that I am missing, send me an email! Maybe we will add it to our list of activities!!!


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