Happy Valentine's Day My Sweets!

You know the teaser I showed you a week or so ago? I wanted to show you how the final cards turned out. . .

I did a Valentine for each of the boys to include with whatever “commercial” Valentine they selected. Skyler went with Bakugan and Jackson selected safari animals (since they came with little tattoos). These were double-sided and I printed one on pearl card stock and one on smooth with a gloss finish (per Skyler’s request). It’s pretty bad when my 6 year old knows what card stock finish he’d like! Hahaha.

Skyler's Valentine

Jackson's Valentine

What do you think? I thought they were hilarious!! I love the facial expressions they are making. I also included slinkies (just plastic ones from Target) and a pink tootsie pop suckers with a mustache cut out. I got the idea from Blonde Invitations and Stationary and here are the instructions I followed. I thought it was the perfect gift to tie in the theme of the card. I used a different mustache shape, but this will give you a visual. I’m too lazy to take another photo!


While I’m still on the Valentine’s Day topic. . . we always get the boys a Valentine. Usually it’s not candy! We normally get them a book, or a little toy that they’ve been asking about, etc. This year Skyler wanted a box of Jelly Belly Jellybeans (his cousin Georgia won the “pickle” prize at Christmas and got a big box of them). So, I was thinking it would be kind of fun to make my own box of Jelly Belly candy. Thankfully, Costco has a coupon out right now and it worked out perfect, as long as you don’t mind sorting them out. It doesn’t take that long, I promise. I bought new boxes, I had a million white mini cupcake liners, and the Jelly Belly Kirkland Signature Jellybeans from Costco and I was ready to go! I also threw in some tissue paper in the bottom of the box just to add color, but you could add in scrapbook paper, etc. I created a label (of course) and tied some twine around them (shocking, I know). I think they make a cute, inexpensive gift. Here’s how they turned out.

Jelly Belly

Skyler and the beans

More Jelly Beans

Costco Jelly Beans

Just a quick note. . . I used less than half of the container of Jelly Belly Jellybeans for 3 boxes. So, I’m guessing you could get 6+ boxes (depending on the size you choose) out of one container. That’s awesome!!!

You could also use other candy too. Here is one that I created with M & M’s and Peanut Butter M & M’s. Yummy! The possibilities are endless. Also, these don’t just have to be for Valentine’s Day! You could make these candy boxes for any holiday or as a special quick gift!!!

Pretty Pink M & M's

Sweet Pink Candy

I hope you all had a wonderful, super SWEET Valentine’s Day!!! Wishing you all the love this year!

Sugar Mama


White Candy Boxes: Decorette Shop
Labels: Modern Moments Designs
Jelly Belly’s: Costco
Shop Sweet Lulu: Twine by Devine Twine

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