Guess what I’ve been busy working on all week? Jackson’s ROCKSTAR birthday party!! I’m so happy to be throwing this party! It’s really been a blast!! I know some of you are dying to see a sneak peak. Well, you can thank Miss Courtney of Courtney Jade Photography for this one! She was the girl-behind-the-camera for this awesome photo shoot!! She was even so kind to blog about my adorable little rock star. She took some photos of his invite for your eyes only. I know you want to see it!

Jackson's Invite and Labels

Invite and CD

I will have a ton of photos to show you really soon!! So, until then, check out Courtney’s full post for a dose of adorableness!!!!

**Courtney gets all the props for printing his super-duper cute CD too!! Oh Courtney, I just adore you!!! Slowly but surely, we are taking over the Courtney Jade Photography Blog!**

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