I can’t believe that it’s October 31st. Can it really be? Really? Well, despite my lack of wanting to admit the truth, it doesn’t stop the dates from changing! I feel like it’s still September 1st. While I play catch up and hurry up, I wanted to share some photos of my little munchkins! I always send out a Halloween card, but since I have two birthday parties and Christmas all in the month of December, I decided to skip sending them out this year.

Here are some more photos of my little dudes in their costumes. I made the lego costume for Skyler. If you are interested in making your own here is the link to the lego costume instructions. The other two costumes we got at Old Navy. It is my favorite place to get kids costumes. They are warm (which is a must in Oregon), durable, easy to get on and off, machine washable, and I think they are really cute. We probably own the majority of the costumes that are appropriate for boys.

Here’s our little lego man! He was surprisingly the most cooperative child during this photo shoot!

A few more because he’s so cute!

Jackson is our hungry shark. He wasn’t so into taking photos though!

Here’s some more of our little shark!

Lastly, here’s our little stinker! He’s a little skunk! I loved it when Jackson wore this costume and I love it still! Yay for skunks!

What are your children wearing this year? Do you have a plan for next year? I think it would be so fun to have the whole family go as different colors of legos. Wouldn’t that be fun? Maybe next year. . .

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


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