Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, but also my busiest. Designing Christmas cards and filling orders keeps me very busy! If all that isn’t enough, I have two children who were born in December {Stay tuned for party planning details. They are in full swing around the Wilcox residence.}.

Our Christmas card is usually an after thought because of my schedule and lack of time. Last year, we were waiting for Emerson to finally show up and we didn’t take our photos until right before Christmas. By the way, I love how my card turned out last year. I’ll be selling that in my shop this year! I hope to be adding Christmas card designs really soon. My goal was September and now it’s already mid-October! Oh well, at least it’s not December, right?

Okay, where was I? Right, back to my own Christmas card. I wanted to do something different this year. I had a client ask me to design an “anthropologie inspired” birthday invitation. Here is the invite that I created. I just loved how it turned out and I wanted to use the concept for our Christmas card.

I don’t have the budget for Anthropologie, but I thought I could create something similar. I love how tailored and feminine their cloths are. Since I am surrounded by men, I really wanted to be girly. I also love all the hair accessories and jewlery that Anthropologie has.

So, I went to the next best place for my budget, Forever 21. I took my personal stylist (I kid, I kid, but she did help me select my outfit and my props), my friend Laura. I found the perfect dress and little jacket to wear over it. I also bought a ton of jewelry! I had already selected the PERFECT hair accessory from Dolce Vita Mia (stay tuned for a blog giveaway).

I dressed all the boys in sweaters and skinny jeans. I don’t think I will ever be able to talk Lincoln into wearing skinny jeans, but the boys looked super cute.

We did our shoot in downtown Portland along the park blocks. I think doing family photos is super stressful. I always spend a ton of time planning our outfits and you never know how your photos are going to turn out. Thankfully, my amazingly talented brother-in-law Ryan shot our photos. His wife, Tiffany, also came along to help style the shoot.

I brought a ton of props from cupcakes (of course, I brought cupcakes), to a vintage typewrite, and a bunch of suitcases. I had a ton of help from my sister Jamie, Lincoln, and Ryan and Tiff to carry around my props. I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out. Ryan only shoots in film now, so I have to wait three weeks to see the photos. If you know me at all, you know that is going to kill me. I am probably the least patient person you will ever meet! I know it will all be worth it though!

So, in the meantime, here is some of my inspiration photos including a shot of my hair. Since I am so impatient, I came home and had my sister Kellie take some photos of it! I like instant gratification, what can I say?

Alright, so the waiting begins. . . until we get our photos back, these are going to have to tide us both over. In the meantime, check out my fabulously talented brother-in-law. He is the owner/photographer for You Look Nice Today Photographer. You have to check out his blog too. He is going to be featured on Martha Stewart Weddings Online next month! Yay, Ryan!

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