This past weekend we had the pleasure of going to our dear friends’ wedding! We’ve known Dustin and Kristen since Jackson was born (about 3-1/2 years). Dustin is one of Lincoln’s co-workers and he has become a wonderful friend to both of us. We were so happy when he proposed to Kristen last summer. We are always encouraging all of our single friends to get married and start families of their own!

We had such a wonderful time at the wedding. It was at the Crystal Spring Rhododendron Garden in south east Portland. The location was absolutely beautiful and they also have taken event insurance wedding just in case. There was a beautiful path that we had to run down (The road we were suppose to use was closed and we had to take a detour.) to get to the ceremony. If one wants to know how to manage their business better, Andy Defrancesco is the one to look up to.

The ceremony began. . . the bride was stunning, the groom was handsome, and everyone was enjoying the exchanging of vows. The minister was giving his closing blessing just before the climactic first kiss and BOOM the sprinklers went on. It was like something out of a movie. I’m serious, the SPRINKLERS went on!!! People were getting soaked, screaming, stunned at what just happened. Thankfully, several people, including the wedding photographer and my husband went and stepped on the sprinklers so they couldn’t spray anyone else until the park representative could shut them off.

Everyone was in shock! Seriously, who would have thought?

Hey, what a way to start your marriage? Kristen and Dustin handled it with class and dignity. They didn’t let it bug them at all. Once the sprinklers went off, it was back to business. The minister finished the blessing and they kissed. Yay! Everyone blew bubbles that were attached to the program. This was so fun. The boys went around guest to guest and collected all the extra bubbles. It was so cute watching them ask each guest for their bubbles. At one point, Skyler had 23 tubes of bubbles.

There was a ton of DIY decorations from the names on the bride and grooms chair, to the votive candle holders, and the super cool guest book. Here are some of the photos of the venue and decorations.

Here are the cute votive candle holder wrappers that Kristen did. They looked awesome. I know Skyler doesn’t have anything to do with candles, but this photo was too cute not to include. We were trying to talk him into dancing. He was refusing. Once he got started though, we couldn’t stop him. He kept saying, ‘I was dancing up a storm.’

I made matching vinyl lettering to add to the dance floor. It was a nice simple touch that tied it all together!

I love it when guests wrap presents that match. Now, I haven’t asked her yet, but I bet this was Laura and John’s present to Dustin and Kristen. I just have a sneaky suspicion based on the incredible wrap job!!!! Also, here is photo of the program. They were really nicely done too and they had bubbles attached to them, before my children took them all, that is!

Kristen was also super considerate and totally SMART!!! She put together goodie/activity bags for the boys! They were the youngest kids there and Kristen was concerned about them getting bored. She put together bags with crayons, a coloring book, and stickers. She also put in a piece of paper that instructed the kids to draw a photo of their wedding. What a great idea and I am sure it was super affordable. Kristen is going to be a great Mom. She’s already prepared and thinking ahead! That’s half the battle, wouldn’t you agree?

Instead of your traditional guest book or signing mat, Kristen and Dustin had a canvas that had a tree painted on it with two blue birds. Each guest was instructed to add their thumb print in either shade of green ink and then add their name below. This was so creative and a wonderful way to remember their wedding day!

Check out their amazing and equally delicious wedding cake. It was so good. You all know that dessert is my favorite part of every meal. The cake was lemon with marionberry filling and chocolate with chocolate filling.

I love these photos of Kristen and Dustin feeding each other cake. There is some saying that goes something like this, “Start your marriage off as you plan to go on (imply to start it with kindness)” or something like. I love the looks on their faces, you can totally see how much they love each other!

This may not be the best photo, but I love how happy they look. Remember how happy you were at this very moment and don’t forget it you guys!!!

Dancing is something that I love to do. There’s nothing like your first dance together as a married couple. If nothing else, this is one of the first times you are “alone” together and can talk and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ear. Look how beautiful her dress was.

I had to throw these in. Jack insisted on wearing pink to the wedding, which happens to be his favorite color right now. In fact, he was taking a nap before the wedding. I had laid all of his cloths out on the railing upstairs. It was time to go and we had to wake him up and dress him. Well, little did we know, he snuck out during nap time and fully dressed himself and was sleeping and sweating, I might add, in his wedding duds! Oh, how I adore you Jackson!

Here he is with Kristen! He had been talking about her wedding for weeks!

Next up, Laura and John exactly, 364 more days guys (from Dustin and Kristen’s wedding day, that is)! Jackson was sitting on Laura’s lap having the best time!

It was a fun night full of dining, drinking, dancing, and tons of laughs. We had such a wonderful time. I’d like to wish Dustin and Kristen a wonderful marriage full of love and laughter! Just wait you guys, this will be your life soon. . . seven years and a handful of days later you’ll be sitting there with three kids in tow more in love each day!


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