This past weekend I was determined to get some “projects” done around the house. That just basically means that I wanted to do something “crafty” for my own house for once. I love candy or anything sweet. I’m dumbfounded when someone says “Oh, that’s way too sweet!” Evidently, I wasn’t born with that gene. With that being said, I love the saying “Home Sweet Home” for many reasons. One because is has the word “sweet” in it. Two because despite all the ruckus and chaos that goes on in my house, I always love coming home. And most of all because my house if full of “sweet” little men!!!!

I’ve been wanting to paint a canvas with that saying on it. So, I finally did it. This idea has literally been eating at me for probably 3 weeks now. That’s what happens to me. If I have an idea and I don’t at least get it down on paper, it stalks me!! Don’t worry, I’ve been sleeping easy now that I got this “project” finished!!

All you need is a canvas, some paint from Home Depot (I just bought one of the $2.50 sample paints), and lettering of your choice!!!! Then ta-dah!!! Isn’t it purdey???? I’m still now sure how I am going to decorate that table, but hey, it works for now!!

Did I also mention that smack dab in the middle of that wall is the thermometer? Umm. . . who’s bright idea was that? Couldn’t the builders have put that in a less conspicuous place? You’d think so, right? Well, it has always bugged me. So, I took care of that and slapped a canvas over it. How’d you like them apples? So, if you are ever at my house and you are too hot, now you know where the thermostat is hiding!

The next project “we” completed and I say “we” loosely because I didn’t really have a lot to do with this one. My sister Jamie moved out of one apartment and into another. The first apartment she totally decorated to a fault and when she moved, she decided she wasn’t going to put so many items on the walls until she lived in a more permanent residence. Don’t you all remember that? You never want to get to “settled” into an apartment! Anyways, smart choice Jamie and I get to benefit. It’s a win win! Thanks Jamie!!!

The boys have had a “blank” wall in their room since last year. I’ve been meaning to buy cute skate board shelves that I’ve seen on etsy, but the shipping on them is out of control. I was rummaging through my parents garage (I’ve checked that I did in fact type “garage” and not “garbage” like three times now) and found some cute white shelves that Jamie had left there. Immediately I snatched them up (of course after I called my sister and politely asked to “borrow” them) and took them home. They had been rattling around in the back of the van for weeks, then they took their place in the garage, and finally they made it to their permanent home. My darling husband was nice enough to hang them up for me. I just had the bright idea and he did the dirty work! Thanks honey for taking a break from working on your car to appease me!

I saw a photo of a formal dining room where they hung these shelves all around the room and decorated them with cookbooks. You better believe it that I will be doing that some day when I get a formal dining room! For now though, they will be decorated with some of my boys’ favorite kids hard back books. I just love hardbacks. Plus, our book shelf was getting way too crowded. I think these look nice on the wall. Functional, get decorative and practical all at the same time. I’m just waiting for the day that Jackson decides to hang from them or climb them!

My last project was putting up an ‘oldie, but goodie! I hate solicitors with a passion. Especially the ones that come during nap time and ring the doorbell and wake my sleeping children up! Thank you! That was MY time! Now you ruined it!!!!!! After a few choice words I’m left with a crying grumpy child and a brochure or whatever that ends up going immediately to my recycling bin! Needless to say, I’m totally over solicitors.

We just got our house painted a month or so ago and when the painters came, I had to remove my “No soliciting” sign! I just got around to putting it back up! I absolutely love it! It’s perfect because the solicitors stay away and I only get the occasional neighbor kid that is selling cookie dough or better yet, my favorite, Girl Scout Cookies!!! Yum!!!

So, those were the projects that I got done this past weekend. I’m not sure what projects I have in store this weekend, but if I do anything exciting, I will let you know!! Thanks for listening to me ramble. I just got back from wine night and I’m ready to hit the hay! Enjoy your day!!!

Good night all!


PS- This late night, early morning blogging is getting a bit old. Do any of you blog? What time of day works well for you! It sure is quiet at 12:57 am, but then I have to do some major editing to my hap hazard writing!!! HELP!

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