I’m so excited to be sharing this with you!!! Kristin is this adorable women that I met through my partner-in-crime-and-fellow-crafter-cousin Julie!!! I’m pretty sure that I’ve blogged about her already! She is a woman that keeps me very busy!!! She is super fun to work with and I welcome all of her future projects. (We already have one in the works, stay tuned) Plus, she totally pimps my Scrabble tile charm necklaces. I should put her on the payroll. Wait? No one actually gets paid around here! My husband is still convinced that when the kids are all in school I should get a “real” job. Whatever!? This is a real job, but the proceeds just fund all of my craftyness!!!! Nothing wrong with that, right?

Okay, so where was I? It’s late and I ramble!!! Plus, I am out of chocolate! Okay, okay! Back on track! Kristin had decided to do a Pirate theme for her son Carson’s 4th Birthday Party!!! I designed the invite, the goodie bag labels, and the thank you cards. Oh, I almost forgot that I did the label for Carson’s t-shirt too. Kristin printed it on iron-on t-shirt transfer (Krisin, what brand did you use?). It was an excellent last minute addition! I LOVE how everything came together in a nice cohesive theme. I’m all about party planning and themes (Nod to you January! I got your back on this one girl!).

The invites and thank you cards were press printed on linen card stock. Have I mentioned how much I love the linen card stock? Well, it’s true. I do love it! It’s my go to card stock finish. When in doubt, print in linen!!! It’s like your trusty comfy jeans. It just fits!! Here are all the items I created for her party. What do you think of them? I see a pirate party in our future with three boys, I am always in need for a new party theme! Check them out. . .

I must say that I love the thank you cards. Julie was making a banner to hang at the party and I thought I would somehow incorporate that into the thank you cards. I think it turned out really nice!

Here are the labels that I designed too! Kristin used these on the goodie boxes.

Carson’s party took place this past weekend! Does anyone notice what time the invite says? No, the party was not in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I made a typo and wrote “pm” instead or “am.” Oops! Always double check my work! It’s late and I tend to make things up at night! Sorry Kristin!! Regardless, it looks like the party was a blast and all of your guests showed up on time. The party photos are compliments of Kristin and her hubby (thank you Kristin for the fun pics). I am so happy I was able to play a small role in this amazing birthday party! I’d also like to add that Julie helped out too! We make a good team, right? WIthout further ado, here are the party photos. . .

Umm. . . can I just comment on the fact that Kristin’s boys come from a good gene pool? Aren’t her boys adorable. I mean, I would know since I have beautiful boys too! Seriously, Kristin, you make super cute kids. Maybe you should catch up with me?? I figure I am doing my good deed by adding beautiful people to the world?

I just wanted to finish off my telling Kristin. . .

I really appreciate all of your business and wonderful referrals!!!

Hello tomorrow, I’m going to Bed today! (I’m not sure if it shows the time when I blog, but it’s 12:40 PST)


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