Mmmm. . . pudding! For some reason, I love pudding in the summer time? It is a quick yummy snack. Lately, I’ve been buying/eating a ton of Jello pudding. You know the kind with the chocolate, then a layer of vanilla, and another layer of chocolate? You know! I’m not the only one that likes these pudding cups, the boys think they are yummy too.

So, recently I saw an adorable post that Ree wrote on her blog ,The Pioneer Woman about Dessert Flower Pots. Do you follow Ree’s blog? If you don’t, you definitely should! It’s one of my favs. She made super cute dessert flower pots. Here is the recipe and instructions for Ree’s Spring Flower Pot Desserts. I’m sure you’ve made/seen something similar.

Since I was instructed to bring a dessert for the fourth of July and I am on a pudding kick, I thought using pudding in the pots, instead of ice cream would be a good alternative that wouldn’t melt! I basically followed the above tutorial, but substituted the ingredients.

The majority of my last weekend was spent trying to track down flower pots that were a good size, but were also as close to “food grade” as possible. I originally bought terra cotta clay pots at Michael’s. Then I re-read through Ree’s post and there was a ton of references about there being LEAD in terra cotta pots. Of course, I didn’t want to put the food directly in them. I bought several different sizes and styles of cups to line the pots with. None of them fit!

I thought about creating parchment paper liners, but I didn’t want the kids to eat the paper, and frankly I was being a bit lazy. I just wanted something easy! What to do? What to do? Find new pots! I looked high and low for the perfect pot! It had to be cute and functional. Oh, and LEAD FREE!!!

Finally, we stopped by Fred Meyer’s and I found the perfect little pots. They were cute and eco-friendly! They were made from bamboo husks and other all organic material. Okay, now we’re talking. The pots were made by Rosso’s International. You can also plant them in the ground once they get cracks in them and they are biodegradable. Cool, huh?

I removed the labels from the pots, washed them in the dishwasher, and then we were ready to rock!!!! I made a few batches of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Oreo Cookie pudding. I also made a batch of brownies and used my circle cookie cutter to cut the right size of brownie to place in the bottom of each of t he pots (Ree used pound cake, but I thought brownies were more appropriate). Then I used the Chocolate OREO Sippers in the center of the pots. I just jammed them into the brownie. Next, I did like a 1/3 cup or so of chocolate pudding. I’m really not the cleanest baker/cook. I seriously just slopped it in there. Pudding was every where.

Next, I added a layer of vanilla or oreo pudding. I mixed it up! I didn’t add as much as the chocolate pudding, probably only 1/4 cup or so. Just eyeball it or use as much as you’d like. No one will care! Then I did another 1/3 cup or so of the chocolate. Almost done!

I put several OREO cookies in the food processor and crushed them up. Once they were all blended, they really did resemble top soil! Before I put the crushed OREOS on, I added my flowers. Remember the OREO Sippers I inserted into the brownie? Just put your flower directly in the center of the “straw.” (I used fake flowers, but if I was going to use real flowers, I would use a real straw too.) Then add all of your luscious “top soil.” I added a ton of it! Ta-dah!!! You’re done!

**Don’t forget the best part, the gummy worms. Of course, they are optional, but they are so good. I’m sure your kids will appreciate them too!**

Make these your own. Make ONE or TWENTY! Have fun with these and enjoy!


The Pudding Monster

P.S. I had to brag about how ADORABLE Julie’s cupcakes looked! Didn’t she do a wonderful job? I love her little patriotic flags and cupcake liners. Oh, and they tasted amazing too! You know me and cupcakes. We go together like bread and butter, like cookies and milk, like salt and vinegar, like. . . well, you get the idea! Great job Julie!!! You’re super talented!!!!

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