Bombshells Salon is an upscale, stylish salon located in downtown Beaverton. April and Da’Lynne are the proud co-owners and stylists of Bombshells Salon, which will be opening tomorrow!!! I had the pleasure of working with them on a few projects.

I didn’t design their logo, but I did print their business cards. They were done on pearl card stock. Can you tell that is one of my favorite finishes? I also designed a postcard so they could let their current customers know they are moving. Here are their business cards and postcards. What do you think?

In addition, I did the vinyl on their front door and in their entry way, but the photos didn’t turn out so you are going to have to take my word for it. Or better yet, you can go and check it out yourself.

The girls also had me design labels for their retail bags. Their bags are white, but this is what I had to work with so just go with it, okay?

To keep their product separate from retail product, we made “Property of” labels. To place on the backs of the shampoo bottles and other product. I’m pretty sure they don’t carry “Bed Head,” but I had this empty bottle still in my shower and thought I would put it to good use. It was such a great model. Props to you shampoo bottle. Your check is in the mail! Thanks!

I’ve really enjoyed watching the salon evolve in just six short weeks. April and Da’Lynne have put a ton of time and energy into making this salon come together. I thought I’d give you a “tour” of the salon so you can see how stylish it is! Can you guess where most of the furniture is from?

Check these out! April’s adorable husband was thoughtful enough to buy personalized M & M’s with the Bombshell’s logo on them. Their logo girl has been appropriately named Ima. Ima Bombshell. Get it? Hahaha!

I’d like to Congratulate April and Da’Lynne on their beautiful salon. I wish you both the best of luck. If you live in the Portland/Beaverton area and you need your hair “did” or a custom spray tan, go and check out Bombshells Salon. Say hello to the girls for me!

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