Free Lunch Box Menu Planner

Make your life a little easier with our Free Lunch Box Menu Planner. We offer simple Lunch Box Ideas to take the hard work out of making lunch everyday. We make lunch for our boys the majority of the week and the hard part isn’t actually making lunch. . . The hard part is thinking of quick and different ideas each day so that our little ones don’t have to eat PB & J every single day. Our goal is to have the kids check off items in each category so we can make sure those items are in the refrigerator and cabinets and ready to be placed in their lunch containers. Check back in a few months, as I know this list is going to change.

We also try to buy organic or Non-GMO. We shop for most of our food at Trader Joe’s, Costco, Target, and Fred Meyer (Kroger). Try and look out for things that are healthy and nutritious. Having many options will make our Free Lunch Box Menu Planner so much easier.

*I printed my list on a light weight card stock and had it laminated with 5 ml laminate. Use a dry erase marker to mark your selections.

Click below to download:

Free Lunch Box Ideas and Easy Menu Planner