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So, I must confess. . . I’m not really a football fan. Okay, so that’s not really true, but I don’t watch a lot of professional football. I do love college football though, especially my Oregon Ducks (I LOVE MY DUCKS)! (Check out my free Oregon Ducks Printables too.)

Sheri is an amazing friend of mine and a huge Patriots fan. Her husband Trevor, and son Brett are huge Miami Dolphin Fans, apparently they are the Patriots biggest rivals. Brett just can’t bring himself to root for the Patriots so he is cheering on the Giants. We wanted to make sure that both teams were equally represented to please both parties.

(Just a fun side note, Sheri is also nice enough to help me keep up with my Etsy conversations. Some days I have 20 or more conversations to answer.Thanks for the help Sheri!! ) Sheri and Trevor are throwing a Superbowl party this upcoming weekend and wanted to include some fun party printables. So Sheri came to me for design help! Yay! These printables were super fun to design and I thought it would be nice to share them with you too!

When I was at shopping at Costco today, I noticed an awesome pack of football plates and napkins that would match these items perfectly too! Though you may not have any huge plans for Super Bowl Sunday aside from eating fatty appetizers, drinking way too much beer, laughing at ridiculous commercials, and hoping for another wardrobe malfunction during the half time show, these party printables will liven up any Super Bowl Party!

If you do use these printables at your party, I’d love to see them so please email me some photos or share them on facebook! Happy Super Bowl XLVI (that’s number 46 if you forgot your roman numerals) and in case you haven’t begun the countdown, there is only 2 days and 17 plus hours until kickoff!!!

FREE SUPER BOWL PRINTABLES Cupcake Toppers/Party Circles (4 designs) Beer Bottle Label Super Bowl Ticket Pass there’s even a space to personalize them! Drink/Cup Label stop searching for your drink, write your name on it and claim it Place Cards/Food Labels Tent Style Water Bottle/ Drink Label- Patriots Water Bottle/Drink Label- Giants Water Bottle/Drink Label-Official NFL Drink Water Bottle/Drink Label- Football in grass

I also thought the water bottle/drink labels would make awesome napkin wraps so you could wrap up silverware and a napkin for each guest. Just a thought. In case you were wondering, the font I used was Good Times, which seems appropriate!