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It’s true. I BROKE my arm. I am blogging with one hand. Yes, typing with one hand. You try it, it’s not very easy! This couldn’t have happened at a worst time. As you all know, I am planning Emerson’s birthday party, working on Skyler’s party, and am in my full swing of Christmas card orders. Sure! I am super women. I can do everything that I always do with a broken arm too, right? WRONG!!! I am totally struggling with my uber-fashionable-black full arm cast! You heard it right, FULL ARM CAST!

Well, despite my broken arm, it doesn’t change the fact that Emerson is going to be one soon. Party planning must go on! The universe doesn’t care if I have two good arms or not. I must push forward. Thankfully, I was thinking ahead and had Emerson’s first birthday photos taken early! I am friends with the most adorable, kind, talented women who is the sole photographer for Courtney Jade Photography. She took the most adorable photos of Emerson for his birthday invitation. I could not have been happier. Though, I’m sure she thought I was a bit crazy!! Hey, it’s true!

When I met Courtney, she was so excited to take Emerson’s photos. She put both of us at ease and was a miracle worker. I mean it. Taking good pictures of little kids is a miracle!! Check out these photos. You’ll die!

He looks like such a little man, doesn’t he. Oh, I’m already sad and he’s not even ONE yet! Time goes by way too fast {sniffle sniffle}.

He loved his cake too. He was double fisting it!! That’s my boy!

Here are a few more of my favorites. I just had to share.

Too cute in his tie

Courtney was kind enough to meet me the next day with the photos beautifully packaged. I’m sure she doesn’t want me broadcasting that, but I am totally type A and couldn’t wait another minute to get the photos in my hot little hands. She politely obliged me and I couldn’t have been happier!

I already had Emerson’s first birthday card mocked up and got to work. Thankfully, because it just so happens that I finished Emerson’s invites and broke my arm that same night. It just goes to show you that you can never be too prepared! You never know what the universe is going to throw at you!

I had to send Courtney the finished invite because it wouldn’t have been the same without her amazing photos. She made my night tonight. She actually blogged about my invite (okay, so it’s Emerson’s invite, but I designed it)! I don’t think anyone as ever said so many nice things about me. I seriously started crying. Thank you Courtney for the most beautiful blog post. I am seriously honored! Check out her post and Emerson’s invitation on Courtney’s blog.

** It was Courtney’s amazing idea to add the “vol. 1” on the cover. It was seriously, the perfect addition! Thank you for your wonderful suggestion!**

If you are in need of an amazing photographer, go check out Courtney Jade Photography! Also, “like” her on facebook too! Believe me, I’ve worked with many photographers and Courtney has to be one or the best photographers I’ve ever worked with and she’s absolutely adorable to boot! Thank you again for helping me make Emerson’s Birthday so Special! I

You can say it. I’m crazy! Say it again if it makes you feel better, I’m crazy! I’m starting a new business {again}! This time though, I am not alone. My sisters Jamie and Kellie are going to be helping me. We are going to be working together to create custom screen printed items from party favor bags to t-shirts and everything in between. Aren’t you excited? I know I am!

We are just in the very beginning stages of our business, but first things first. Every business needs a good name, right? Once I came up with the idea, we had a name not more than 12 hours later. We went round and round with names. Nothing really good though. We wanted something unique and memeroable. I love names that stick in your head like Spoonflower and Potterybarn. They are both two common objects, but that you would not typically associate with one another.

Then, the name just came to us. I was sitting on the couch nursing Emerson and he stopped nursing. He was a bit loopy and happy looking. Jamie said, “Look, he’s love drunk.” She had meant “milk drunk,” but love drunk came out. I said, “That’s it! Love drunk designs.” We texted Kellie and she liked it too. Business name, check. What’s next. . . you guessed it! A logo!

Any successful business starts with good branding, right? You know how I am always harping about that. I think it’s true though! Whenever I do logo designs I always design three totally different concepts. I sketched these out on paper. I can’t draw at all either! Someday, I will show you my sketches! Thankfully, I am a little better with the computer. Here are the three sketches I came up with.

I know they are all in black and white. That was done purposely! Every logo should also look good in black and white. Which one is your favorite? Why? What colors would you use? I thought it would be fun to share this process with you.


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