Okay, so what’s new? I am totally behind. I did this shoot a few weeks ago and finally am getting around to sharing it with you! Oh, well. . . better late than NEVER is my motto. Don’t worry, all of these items will be available to purchase next year in my shop (technically I am ahead then, if these are for next year, right?) so pin them now and buy them later! Thank goodness for pinterest. Check out our Simple Halloween Party . . .

Halloween Skull and Cupcake Toppers

I am totally into simple, Retro designs right now. In fact, a lot of my design from here on out will feature this design style. I think it’s just a classic, timeless look. I can’t get enough of it. The other thing that I’ve been obsessing over lately is Chalk Board Art. Oh how I wish I was artistic! I may not be artistic, but I know how to work with the talents and technology that I do have! I will explain more on this later!

Halloween Retro Placemats

Someday, I will throw a huge Halloween bash for my kids and invite all of their little goblin friends. Right now, my house is just too small! So, I decided to just style a super simple Halloween table for four and decorate the sofa table that I have in my living room. Most of the items I used were either purchased at the Dollar Tree, Target, or HomeGoods.

I wasn’t planning on even doing a Halloween shoot this year, but Jude from Fancy Dress Party Ideas was nice enough to contact me and offered to send me some Halloween goodies. You know me, I love FREE stuff and I just couldn’t pass that up. So, alas I threw this shoot together!

Halloween Chalk Board Art + Party

I had this brillant idea, or at least I thought it was a great idea! I have a hanging chalk board in my living room which I have used for a ton of my parties. Normally, I use my vinyl cutter and vinyl images on here (as seen in my Gender Reveal party & Emerson’s Carnival Party), but this time, I really wanted to chalk a cool image. After all, it is a chalk board. So, I designed something in Illustrator and sent it to my vinyl cutter.  This time, instead of discarding the outside, I weeded out the actual letter and used the inverse as a stencil. I placed the vinyl on the sign, colored it in with chalk and peeled away the stencil. Pretty smart, eh? I am so excited with how it turned out that I am going to design one for every holiday!

This became the background for my shoot. Now, I know a million people are going to ask me if I sell this in my shop. Nope! I’m mean, I know! It’s my own personal chalk board! But you know what I am going to do? I am going to make something very similar that you can print out at Costco or your local photo lab. Great idea, right? See, I’m not so bad!

Halloween Table setup for Four

For the table, I did a super simple display. I created a placemat, bought these super cute plates at Target and then filled a mini-pumpkin up with candy and added a place card. I bought dry-ice and created a fun green drink potion for the kids. Down the center of the table, I put some spooky mesh-style fabric, added a pastic rat, a black crow, and a few skeleton heads. I used a cake stand that I have in my bedroom as the centerpiece. I put moss on the tray and added a skull candy jar full of gummy worms. Super easy, right? I stacked this on a few books to add some height and I was done! Bam!

Halloween Place Setting

Halloween Table Centerpiece

I also designed a few other things like the traditional cupcake toppers, vial labels, candy tags, and drink labels. I also included one of my designs from last year. I really like the clean look of the black and white too! It’s nice that I have a lot of models that were willing to help me out with this shoot in exchange for some goodies!

Halloween Mini Cauldron and Wax Teeth

BioHazard Halloween Vial

Halloween Cupcakes, Zombie Flu, and Drink



Halloween Donuts

Here are a few more pictures. I have a million and will include some more in my shop next year when I list these products, so stay tuned. . . haha! A year from now. . .  I am sure you will forget about these designs next week!

Halloween Drink and Cupcake Toppers

Zombie Flu Halloween Drink

I want to wish you all a Happy and Safe Halloween! Have fun trick-or-treating with your kids! I know we are going to have a wet night, but I must send my little candy slaves out. This mama wants some chocolate! Haha!



–Gumballs & Spooky Moss- HomeGoods
–Skulls, Large Cauldron, Skeleton Serving Tongs, Black Candles, Bat Stir Sticks- Target
–Rat, Bats,  Black Crows, Black Mesh Fabric, Hanging Bats- DollarTree
–Mini Caldron, Hooded Costume, Faux eyebrows/mustache/beard-Fancy Dress Party Ideas
–Plastic Vials with Cork, Burlap- Jo Ann Fabrics
–White Candle Sticks-IKEA
–Cupcake, Donuts, Cookie, Juice, Dry Ice-Fred Meyer

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