It’s Friday(so sue me it’s actually Saturday, but I finally got the post finished)! I’ve been busy the last few weeks working my butt off night and day, day and night trying to get caught up with all my work. If I take a few days off from blogging, or even 10, just know that I am hard at work! Or I could be on vacation, but since that only happens like once a year, it’s a better bet that I’m just too busy to blog. So shoot me an email if you are missing me or leave a comment to send me some love! I’m never too busy to say hi!

I have so many exciting news to share with you! You’re going to have to wait a bit longer (and no I am not pregnant) to find out though! I know, sorry to disappoint you, but I promise you will enjoy these photos none the less. How could you not?

All of you probably are aware of the fact that I LOVE CUPCAKES. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, actually I am OBSESSED with them. I’m even contemplating getting a tattoo of a cupcake. {What do you think? Lame or cool?} Anyways, I do <3 cupcakes. I'm lucky enough to be about 15 minutes from downtown Portland. And even luckier that there are so many amazing bakeries around! Not good for my waist size, but wonderful for my sweet tooth. I literally have never met anything that is too sweet for me. I have to admit something to you though. This is really hard to say, but the first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem right? So here goes nothing. . . Hi. My name is Jessica. I'm addicted to sugar! Phew. . .I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest. As funny as this is, it's totally true. Here's how my day of errands drove me to drink, err. . . I mean eat sugar! My day set out like this. . . I planned on going to a super cute party store that is downtown in the industrial district called The Lippman Co. I’ve driven by it several times and never went in. I usually see it when I am on my way to run a million other errands and never have time to stop. This time though, it was my destination. Want to know how I noticed it in the first place? Can you guess? It was their logo. I swear, no matter what it is, if the company has a cool logo, I am a total sucker! Great marketing, I tell you!

I’m trying to gather up all the last minute items I need for Jackson’s Rock Star party. That could be a full time job in itself if I let it consume me. I’m trying to stay on task though. I was happy with several things I found there and got a ton of ideas for Emerson and Skyler’s parties come December (I know I’m crazy planning parties that are in like 11 months from now. What can I say? I have some issues, okay?). Yay!

Next stop, to check out Jackson’s venue! I’m sick of doing the traditional in-door blow up jump places, the cool pizza place with the climbing structure, and every other venue in between that every other party is at. Since we are having a Rock Star party, I really wanted the venue to include instruments. I found this really cool, urban, and totally Portland music school. It’s called Sound Roots, School of Modern Music. They are currently in the process of doing some upgrades that are going to enhance the already charming location! I wanted to have a vision of the location to help me better plan the party decor. The walls are even teal and compliment the party color scheme perfectly! I’m so excited.

While we were driving to the music school I saw Pix Patisserie. What’s Pix Patisserie, you might ask? It’s only one of the most amazing edible art eateries that you will ever see. Okay, so what really sold me was a while back I saw a promo for Pix Patisserie on the news. They were show-casing their macarons. No, I didn’t forget an “o.” I meant to type macaron. Macarons are just as good as they’re double “o” competitor, macaroons! Have you seen macarons? They are probably one of the most adorable cookies I have ever seen. However, there is such an irresistible cuteness about macarons. I love how pretty they are and how happy they make me feel! I also love the amazing flyer that shows all the macaron flavors. It was printed on shimmery white paper and complimented this piece perfectly! See for yourself!

Please add Macarons to my ever growing list of sweet obsessions! I have attempted to make them several times and they are so yummy! Totally temperamental, but yummy still. I even have this adorable book entitled, ” I <3 Macarons,” by Hisako Ogita. The title pretty much sums up how I feel about them. I love them.

Even though this wasn’t on my “errands” list I knew I had to stop. Who can say no to the chance to eat adorable little cookies? I know I am going to have to stop by there after Jack’s party and get some more. Shhhh!! Don’t tell. . .

Our next stop (which was on the list, I might add) was Voodoo Donut. Have you heard of Voodoo Donut? You might have since they are very famous! They are famous for their offbeat donuts. Some donut toppings include cereal like Captain Crunch and Coco Puffs, tang, candy bars, and bacon just to name a few. My husband’s favorite is the orange tang. What can I say, we’re 80’s kids. The place is so cool, they even do weddings. Wouldn’t that be fun? We just bought a dozen assorted donuts for just $10. I absolutely, positively LOVE DONUTS. (So if you are keeping track that’s cupcakes, macarons with one “o” and two o’s too, donuts, and candy in no particular order.). If only I had stopped by St. Cupcake, today would have been a sugar trifecta and I may just have burst with excitement (or a button)!

It’s days like this that I’m so thankful I live in Portland, or at least just a few minutes drive. I had the best time running errands with my dudes, walking by the delicious smelling food carts, indulging in the best sugar around, and soaking in everything that makes Portland, well, Portland. If you’ve never come to our town, book the next flight out. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you pack a tooth brush, if you plan on stopping by all of my favorite sugar havens!

Enjoy your weekend. Currently, I am experiencing sugar withdrawals!!

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