It’s only January and I am finished with Skyler and Emerson’s birthday parties (at least until next December, 11 months and counting). Our crazy little Jackson is next in line for the Wilcox birthday extravaganza!!! If you’ve ever heard me talk about Jackson, you are all too familiar with his personality! He goes a little like this. . . he is loud, very loud. He is full of energy and super loving. He is wild and crazy, with an added dose of crazy. He is thoughtful and kind. Bust most of all, he is Jackson.

It was only fitting that we throw him a ROCK STAR birthday party! At three, he already has many characteristics of a rocker. He loves tattoos. He’d have me apply temporary tattoos all day long if I’d let him. Tattoos are definitely a must for a rock star. {Look closely for some faux tattoos on his upcoming invites). He loves women. Don’t get me started on this one. I am going to have my hands full when he is a teenager. What rock star doesn’t love women, right? He loves loud music!!! He is always asking me to turn the music up. He loves to party! If only we could bottle up some of his energy! A definite rocker must!!

I’m currently working on his invite. I am so excited to share it with you, but you are going to have to wait. I’m mean. I know! While you wait, please check out the AMAZING and ADORABLE photos that my friend Courtney shot of Jackson. Courtney has her own photography business, which is appropriately named Courtney Jade Photography. She is also the one who took Emerson’s First Birthday photos that we used on his invitation. She is near and dear to my heart and so are these photos. Courtney does truly amazing work! You’ve got to check out Courtney’s site and make sure you visit her blog too! These invites wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful photos, Courtney!! Thank you so much!!!!

**If you have any suggestions for Rock Star Food, I’d love to hear about it. I am planning on including pop rocks, cake pops, and candy. The color scheme is black, white, teal and Jack’s favorite color PINK!! Anything that would coordinate, would be awesome!

PS- Jackson is planning on marrying Courtney!!! How cute is that? She is amazing with children, if you are ever looking to have your little ones photographed, she’s PERFECT for the job!!

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