So my darling husband is off work this week. I’ve been trying to relax and not be my usual neurotic self. I typically check my email 100+ times a day. For Christmas, my hubby bought me an iPhone just so I could access my emails when I am out and about. I think he was secretly embarrassed I was rockin’ such an old school flip phone too. Plus, he thought I “deserved” it. Isn’t he sweet?

We’re back into the whole regular swing of things with the kids. No more sleeping in. No more all day jammie days. The day goes like this. Drop one kid off at the bus stop. Next kid off at Preschool. Frantically clean before kids come home. Errands. Pick up said kid number two. Pick up kid number one. Meanwhile, all of this is being done while holding/chasing after/playing with a tottering one year old. YIKES! No wonder I am tired at the end of the day. Then throw in lunch, some play dates, personal projects, and the rare happy hour with the girls and it doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything else. You all know how it is. Sound a bit like your life?

I literally didn’t sit down to check my email until 8:30 pm last night. There seemed to be an unusual amount of comments that I needed to approve for my blog. Lately, the spam bots have got ahold of my blog and the majority of the comments are SPAM. I hate SPAM. It should be illegal. I started reading through the comments and they were intelligent, heartfelt, kind even! I knew it wasn’t a spam bot this time.

I can’t act entirely shocked about the post though. I kind of knew it was coming. Jenn from Hostess Blog had sent me an email after I posted Emerson’s party and had asked to feature it. She told me it was going to be featured a few days later. With the holidays and all the time sensitive parties she had to post, it got pushed to the back burner. Lucky for me, she didn’t forget about me!

Check out her amazing post and all the other amazing inspiration from her site. I can’t help but be proud that my adorable little Emerson is famous now!!

Thank you Jenn for featuring my work! You have no idea how much it means to me!!

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  1. Danita says: January 8, 2011

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