Many months ago, I saw a tutorial on Givers Log about Interchangeable Cupcake Stands. You know me by now. Anything with the word cupcake in it and I come running!!!! I had been meaning to make several for myself, but hadn’t found the time. Well, this past weekend, I finally went for it. I had purchased these plates at Target. I think I paid around $5.50 for all three. I’d say the hardest part is finding three plates that are different sizes. AmberLee shows hers with just two plates, but I thought they should have three. Here are the cupcake stand directions so you can create your own too! It’s super easy too do. It looks like she just created some new ones that you can also see here.

The “middle” rod or supports were found at Goodwill. I must admit that I had never purchased anything at Goodwill (our local thrift store) until this project. Who knew it could be a crafters treasure chest? Since then, I’ve purchased several things at Goodwill and I am constantly going to find unique, different, ornate pieces for my dessert stands. Each candle stick was purchased for around $1.99.

I got the beautiful knob at Anthrapologie like Amberlee suggests in her post. They have a ton of beautiful knobs!!! I wish I could buy all of them! It is so fun looking at all the beautiful knobs. It was a really hard decision too. I probably have 3-6 different styles that I’ve collected. Plus, the knobs are about the only thing I can afford in the store 🙂 Each knob is roughly $6-$14.

Make sure you check out Amberlee’s amazing blog for detailed instructions!!!

Next, I will be looking for some beautiful ceramic plates to try out. I have another set I got at Easter to make as well. I will post photos of each one that I create so you can see all the different styles. I’d love to see the ones you do too. Seriously, these are too easy not to make. Oh, wouldn’t it be cute to make these to match your party decor for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, etc.??? You know that’s on my list for my next party too!!!

Here it is with actual food on it. I made these yummy mini Amaretto Cheesecakes!

See those flowers in the back? Stay tuned for a post about another treat I made for the Fourth of July!!!

Okay, it’s hot and I’m sleepy! Good Night or Good Morning!


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