I recently baked a bunch of cookies and rice crispy treats, you know the staples of baking, and put them in a care package for Jonathan, the nice guy who did my blog. My blog turned out just how I had designed it and I am so thankful that Jonathan was able to take me on as his “charity” case.

One day when I am rich beyond belief, I will shower him with substantial monetary tokens of gratitude, but for now I wanted to give him a small token of my appreciation! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy an assortment of yummy baked goods? I know I always love getting a plate full of “who knows what” at Christmas time from friends and family! Honestly, people should include labels with all of their baked goods so there’s no surprises! We’ll touch on this at Christmas, I guess. . .

I didn’t make anything too crazy, but I did want to put a cute label on his package! I’m working on a project right now with a “candy shop” theme and have been dying to use the candy stripe pattern in more mainstream applications. What do you think?

I think it turned out cute! There are so many applications that you can use these for. You are only limited to your imagination! Do you like the package with or without baker’s twine? Can you guess my favorite? Definitely with the baker’s twine. You guessed it!

From time to time, I will be including FREE, who doen’t like the word, FREE. FREE FREE FREE! Okay, sorry, I got carried away! Anyways, I wanted you to be able to enjoy this FREE, there’s that word again, download too! Click on the link to download the SURPRISE Gift Tags/Labels freebie. If you ever miss one of the free downloads, you can always go to the “Freebie” tab and download it from there too!



P.S. I think I a need a handle or a tag line, or a cute way to sign my blog posts when I am done. Does anyone have a good idea? I really need to design something! To make it more interesting, if I choose your idea, I will give you a $10 gift card to my shop. You can use it on whatever you want!!!!! Now, think of a good idea!

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