Julie did an awesome job hosting Avery’s First Birthday Party. I always think birthdays are a bit sad. At least I am always sad when each of my babies has a birthday. They grow up too fast! I’ll wipe the tears from my eyes. . .sniffle, sniffle.

Okay, so back to Avery’s party. I know Julie is dying to see the photos. Sorry Julie. I’ll try to stay on task here! You know I get distracted easily!

Avery’s birthday party was anything but sad. If I had to sum it up in one word. I’d say, “PINK!” It was so pink and I loved it! With three boys I don’t get to experience a lot of “pink” moments. I try to soak them in when I can!

Julie did a wonderful job with every little detail. I think my favorite thing was the Sweet Dessert/Favor Bag table. What do you think?

There was also “real” food. Julie did a whole spread of yummy food. I also love the banner she made. So cute! Julie is a fabulous seamstress and we have an upcoming project we are working on. I bet you can’t wait to see what that is?

Like the ice bucket? I cut the vinyl for it and Julie did a nice job applying it. It looks great and was a wonderful touch! My cookies were the last items on the food table. There just wasn’t enough room on the Sweet Treats table for these cute cookies. I designed the cookies and the icing decals were courtesy of Hello Frosting. If you haven’t checked Erin’s site out, then you need to. Go check it out right now! Don’t worry I’ll wait. Go NOW! Sorry, I am really bossy. It’s an oldest child thing!
Isn’t her site adorable? Can you think of an opportunity to use these edible icing decals? I know I have many more events in mind! You won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon Erin. I am addicted now! She must add something to the icing decals that makes them irresistible?

The party was super fun and there were a ton of cute kids who attended. The older kids didn’t really want to be photographed. The boys were too busy throwing balls at each other’s faces. Oh, boy!

However, the babies were in full force. Aren’t they cute?

They didn’t complain when I stuck a camera in their face. Not even a peep out of them. They just smiled and drooled! Oh, they were all so cute! Can you guess which adorable baby is mine?

Skyler was nice enough to take a break from playing “dodge ball” a.k.a. throwing balls at other kids, to pose for me. I love this photo.

After the kids played, we had lunch, and then sang Happy Bithday to little Miss Avery. Here she is eating her very own cake. Isn’t she adorable? Happy Birthday again precious girl! Thanks for letting me help with your birthday party!

Julie made personalized favor bags for each kid and let them pick their own favors out the jars when the party was over. I think that’s a great idea and I might have to borrow that idea for my next child’s birthday.

Each kid got to select one of the above items and put them in their bag. They all had a great time putting their cute little hands in the jars.

The Sweet Dessert table also had a beautiful cupcake tower on it. I just love how this looked! You know me, I love cupcakes! Julie also used the Olliegraphic that she had customized on the toppers too. Simply adorable!

Fabulous party Julie! Thanks for allowing me to help! What do you think? I’m already brainstorming ideas for Emerson’s first birthday! Stay tuned!

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