This is going to be a LONG post!! I was going to do Avery’s party and the cookies I made all in one post, but I am going to break it down and do two separate posts! If you don’t feel like reading it all, just skim the photos and enjoy!

I had insisted to Julie, Avery’s Mom, that I must make cookies for her birthday party. I came across these beautiful cookies

on the TomKat blog and had to make my own. The cookies were done by Marian of Sweetopia. She is a totally talented cookie artist. Okay, so I don’t know what her real title is, but she makes, hands down some of the cutest cookies I have ever seen and I hate her for it!!! Just take a look around her site. Can you believe she makes all of these?

So, I wanted to take a stab at these. You know me! Whenever I see something I love, I need to try and make it myself! I did some research on buying my own printer and edible ink, but I don’t have anywhere to store it. I opted for the next best thing, I looked for someone on Etsy who was already selling edible icing decals. Guess who I found?

Hello Frosting! Isn’t that a cute name? People will totally be saying “hello” to you when they know you made these cookies! Erin McGinley is the owner, baker, photographer (and sometimes designer) behind these edible icing decals. I’ve designed some icing decals that Erin should have in her shop by the end of next week. Erin and I have become email buddies and are in cahoots to come up with more designs. Check out her shop and all of her adorable Edible Icing Decals. Don’t see a design that you like, just contact me and I will design one just for you! Thanks for all of your help Erin. I couldn’t have created these with out you!

I am not going to give you a step-by-step on how to do these, but I will direct you to all the tutorials I used. First you have to find a good sugar cookie recipe. I don’t know about you, but I hate making sugar cookies. It always seems like it’s a painful process. You have to make the dough. Wait for it to harden, roll it out, cookie cut it, bake it, and then you open your oven and you can’t even decipher which cookie is which. It’s just one big flattened blob.

Okay, so they usually still taste good and your kids don’t care. They’ll eat any cookies, even ones that have fallen on the ground. Am I right? Well, that’s not good enough for me. I have a type A personality! I want everything to be perfect. If it’s not perfect than I don’t want to do it or make it. Do you see any problems with this personality flaw trait?

I had found a cream cheese based sugar cookie recipe that keeps its shape, but the taste was marginal. One day I was searching the internet for who knows what and I came across Glorious Treats flickr page. I did a little digging and discovered she had a blog too. I found an awesome sugar cookie recipe on her blog and it’s full of amazing tips! I had to share it with you!! She is also an amazing photographer too! This is a great recipe that yields beautiful results. The cookies hold their shape and they taste good too. Who would have thought just putting your cookies in the freezer for a few minutes would produce such perfect results? The perfectionist in me is very satisfied! That’s one of the great tips she gives you in her recipe!

I doubled the batch. It made 27 (3 1/4 inch rounds), 17 (2 3/4 inch squares), & 16 (1 3/4 inch squares). That is a total of 60 cookies if you are a bit slow on your math skills! Yikes. That’s a lot of cookies!

Don’t they look good? They kept their shape nicely too!

Next, you need to frost your cookies. I used this frosting recipe that I saw on The Pioneer Women website. I had requested that Lincoln use it on my birthday cupcakes a couple months ago. I know, I have the best husband ever. You don’t have to tell me. I’ll stop rubbing it in now! I thought this frosting would be good on cookies too.

I don’t know if I would use this recipe again on the cookies, but it sure is good on cupcakes!! I’m pretty sure I single handedly ate 15 cupcakes. Don’t judge me. They were so good. I know you, you would have done the same thing. Next time, I might just use a traditional butter cream frosting recipe.

I also wanted to have a finished boarder around the outer edge of the cookies. In order to do this, you need to use Royal Icing. If you are not familiar with Royal Icing. It’s a meringue powder based frosting that hardens when it dries. I, of course, used the one I found on Sweetopia. Thanks for all of your help Marian!

Can someone give me some pointers because I have no idea what I am doing? I did the best I could and experimented with several decorating tips. I need to work on this still. See there’s the perfectionist in me coming out again! I can’t even hide it! What do you think?

What about these?

and these too?

Julie had this Olliegraphic of Avery designed to match Avery’s party theme. Isn’t it cute? Julie used it throughout her party decor. I’ll post more on this tomorrow!

A ton of people at the party commented on the cookies everyone wanted to know how I made them. I’ve never seen so many people interested in cookies. Even the Dad’s at the party were curious! They were super easy to make and worth every complement. It’s as easy as baking cookies, frosting them, and applying your edible icing decal. Want to make it even easier? Buy pre-made sugar cookies from your local bakery or grocer, buy store bought frosting, frost and apply your edible icing decal. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

I know this was a long post. Thanks for reading it, but I just had so much to share with you!!! Stay tuned for all the wonderful photos of Avery’s Birthday party! Sorry for stringing you along!

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